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  1. justcantwait

    Sunshine Coast

    I live on Sippy downs, we really like it as a base, close to the Bruce as we like going Brisbane. It has nearly everything you need on here. We have been here 11 yrs now. My daughter went through Chancellor state school, i find it a great school, it is a bit bigger now than when we first moved here. I have also worked there for the last 11yrs as well. lol Mountain Creek is a nice area as well. Think the schools are on par size wise, my only thing with Mountain creek is there staggered starting times, different years start and finish differently, a bit awkward for some working mums.
  2. justcantwait

    RRV expired

    The agent has just got back to me, they are saying we can apply overseas or get a tourist visa and apply here. I thought the tourist visa could cancel the pr visa? Any thoughts on this? thank you x
  3. justcantwait

    RRV expired

    Thanks for your replies, i have consulted an agent, my thoughts are its to risky as well. ?
  4. justcantwait

    RRV expired

    Hi everyone My son needs to apply for an RRV, he left in 2014, he had been in Oz over 4 yrs and didn't get citizenship, a teenager who knew better. Was never going to come back! I got him a five yr RRV which ran out last October, he never used the RRV, now he needs to come back in August. He has ties here, mum, dad, brother and sister and we can get a letter of employment for him. We are all citizens and have been here 10yrs. What do people think our chances are, i assume we will only get a 12mth visa. If it gets refused will we get a ban or just a refusal? Is it worth using an agent as we have a short timeline, and does anyone know roughly how long they are taking. He has no criminal record. Will he need to do a police check? thank you for your help ?
  5. justcantwait

    Moving to oz on a student visa

    Thats good of the Uni, where are you looking at moving to?
  6. justcantwait

    Moving to oz on a student visa

    Hi Lparker. I have two sets off friends who went down this route, both sets had the rules change literally 1/2 weeks before they finished there courses. One was lucky and the wifes company sponsored them, they have finally got PR after 8 yrs and over $100,000 dollars getting it. The second did everything they could and after 5/6 yrs and with nothing left, spent all there house money to live, they had to go home. After watching how stressful it was for them, i wouldn't do it with kids, especially how expensive doctors, education and just general living now. Regarding the school fees, my friends paid $13.000 a year, each child. I wish you all the luck, but i couldn't survive on 20 hrs a week work.
  7. Hi Smurfs We live on the Sunny coast, been here 10 yrs this May. It is a beautiful place to live, it is a very sporty community. I work and live in Sippy Downs, my daughter went to Chancellor High school, i also work there lol, it is a very good school and it is a very sporty school. You have to be in catchment to get in though. Your son will be starting school with a lot of other new children in yr 7, so should have no problem making friends as all the children will be finding there feet. Work wise there are always hairdressing jobs advertised, my friend owns a beautiful salon and always struggles to find good hairdressers. So you should be all good for work. I know a few tradies, it has been quiet on the coast for a few years, but hopefully picking up now, but all the ones i know travel to Brisbane for work. We picked Sippy because of daughter wanting that school, plus if hubby ever needed to commute to Brissie we would be close to the Bruce, my son ended up commuting down to Caboolture lol At the moment not so Sunny Coast its pouring with rain, reminds me of home lol Good luck with your move xx
  8. justcantwait

    Gympie area - what's it like for lifestyle and jobs?

    Hi I don't know what Gympie is like, but we live on the Sunny coast and my hubby has no problem getting mechanic jobs. It is quite hard finding a decent mechanic to fill vacancies at the moment. Hope this helps
  9. justcantwait

    Lonely teen - advice needed

    Hi Where abouts on the coast are you and what school does she go to? It can be so hard at these ages. Has she joined any social groups? Anne marie
  10. justcantwait


    Hi Andy Thank you for you reply, thats was what i was talking about self managed super. An accountant told me that we could use our money for investment property or business, but i was unsure as the accountant doesnt deal with the international side of it. It is just a private pension my hubby paid into for a while, we were unsure about moving it as there isnt a lot in it, but thought if we could use it to invest then maybe it would be worth it. We are just unsure what to do. So you are saying that we cant use it if we move it? Many thanks Anne marie x
  11. Hi suzanne Just seen your friend request, sorry been a bit busy, i have a few days off now if you would like a cuppa or weekend when hubby is around x
  12. justcantwait


    Hi everyone Just have a couple of questions if anyone can help, we have been here 7 yrs and our pension is still in the Uk, we have heard that we can bring it over and then use it for buying or investing in a business or house. Does anyone know if this is right and also is there a time frame from when we bring it over to being able to use the money? Also will we be taxed on it? Many thanks Anne marie x
  13. Hi Ceri The Sunshine coast is a really beautiful part of oz. There always seems to be hairdressing vacancies around, i know a personal friend who struggles to get decent hairdressers. There is a sunshine coast facebk page with loads of helpful people on there from the coast. We bank with the Commonwealth and find them really good. Cars are a lot cheaper than when we landed a few years ago so thats good. When you have done 3 posts you can private message me with any other questions you have, am happy to help with anything. Anne marie
  14. Hello The garage where my husband works is currently looking for a qualified mechanic, it is based in Maroochydore Sunshine coast. 40 hrs per week. You would need to be able to work on all types of vehicles including 4 x 4. There is no sponsorship available, this job is for someone who is already here. Interviewing now. If interested pm me your resume.
  15. Hi Gareth & Suzanne Welcome to the sunny coast, there is definitely quite a few english around on the coast. I am on sippy downs, are you on facebk? i can put you in touch with a lovely group of peeps, they are a mix of Aussies, poms, kiwis Bit hot at the moment for the coast, normally a few degrees cooler, just the humidity is a pain.