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  1. Hello, unfortunatkey after moving to the Sunshine Coast and building our new home.. We moved back to Melbourne we lasted just over a year. Yes the weather is better but we now realise there are pros and cons of both. My husband continued to commute back to Melbourne as his work was booming here. He did get work On the Sunshine Coast but was very clicky up there in construction. The rates are lower and the continuous work is unlikely. We were losing a lot of money. Our son is all so in to sports and whilst sports was ok we found club sports weren’t really as community based. We soon realised our son actually spent more time in doors whilst the weather is nice some days you just want to be in the aircon. There aren’t the spaces out footy oval or cricket nets like down in Melbourne. We were living apart a lot too. It was hard on our family. The beaches I feel aren’t as nice as the peninsula but the water is warmer and you can use them more. We feel safer in Melbourne as there doesn’t seem to be as many rips or sharks peeking around or jellyfish. People don’t venture out in for a swim. Some Queenslanders we met weren’t as keen on Melbourne a or people from Sydney although there were some really nice people. We do miss qld and left our family there. If work was different would it of worked , who knows. The grass ain’t always greener. Do what makes you happy but Melbourne is an amazing city and has a lot of soul the beaches are great but the weather isn’t as good. We sat down and Had to think king and hard and for us Melbourne seemed like the right place. Work wise and for our teenage son. You see kids are different but there isn’t much for teenagers to do some of his mates I was slightly concerned. all in all we can’t really say do or don’t only you can make the decision but we could possibly help with areas! Rent before you buy!! You can always come back!! Or even go there for a couple of months. don’t make a decision in winter to leave Melbourne and during lockdown as it is daily decided look at the bigger picture.
  2. We moved from the Uk 4 years ago to Melbourne (Mornington Peninsula) . I own my own salon , my husband is a bricklayer and has his own business too. We have a son aged 12 years old , who is very much into his sports and it just starting secondary school this week... Our family have all just moved to the Sunshine Coast and absolutely love it. We have just sold our house back in the Uk and can finally get on to the property ladder in oz!! We love Melbourne and love The peninsula but are still being pulled to the Sunshine Coast? My husband is concerned about the work up there for bricklayers and we are concerned about the impact it will have on our son, making friends sports schools etc... the house prices are crazy at the moment and we could potentially lower our mortgage by $300-400,000 whilst being still being close to the beach and even closer to our family if we made the move to sc...it would be starting again but as long as the work is there and our son can adapt then we can give a big final push..... We are so undecided. Is there any bricklayers who can advise my hubby about work, or places to avoid schools etc? We are looking at Buderim , Mountain Creek, Aroona, Little Mountain.. ? Any help or advise appreciated ..