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  1. daniel

    Graduate Geophysicists?

    Hi Just seen your post as haven't been on here in ages. Are you still looking? My OH works for a company in Indooroopilly, Brisbane called Paradigm Geophysical... clue might be in the name lol. Apparently they take graduates and possibly sort visas also. They are an international company and fantastic at the work/life balance. They only have a small office in Brisbane but may well be worth a try. Emma
  2. daniel

    Sponsor on prospective marriage visa

    Thanks for that, I did realise about the assurance of support but the checklist still asks for details of employment and income. Have told her to have a chat with an agent so will see what happens. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Everyone! Not been on for a while, living in Bris now for the past 10 months and loving it. Now to the issue... My sister came over to visit and met an aussie bloke and they are now engaged. They are just starting to look at putting in the visa application and have one question (for now). He is a stay at home dad of a 2 & 3 year old (their mum abandoned them) and is therefore not currently employed, a job wouldn't be a problem but childcare would be at the moment. In the application it asks for his employment details but the eligibility requirements for a sponsor don't mention employment. We are in a position to sponsor her ourselves but obviously would be weird seeing as he is her fiance and not even sure if that is allowed... Any help much appreciated! Thanks Emma x
  4. daniel

    Anyone in Kallangur

    We moved to Kallangur from Lara, Victoria just 2 weeks ago and we love it. We think we've done ok house wise and our 2 girls seem to be settling in at school (Kallangur State Primary) just fine, they would definitely tell us if they didn't like it lol. The internet here is great, my friend in North Lakes has to use a dongle but we're on ADSL. My OH works in Toowong and catches the train from Dakabin Station, I haven't heard any complaints from him either. We still haven't explored Kallangur too much, just enough to find Coles and Irish Bar lol. Emma x
  5. daniel

    Pet friendly campsites NSW?

    This looks like a lovely place, hoping to try it too if/when we drive up that way in our camper... thanks for the link!
  6. daniel

    Pet friendly campsites NSW?

    This may help! Pet-friendly caravan parks | caravanandcampingnsw.com.au Emma
  7. To any girlies who attended the Geelong meet :notworthy: I would just like to say what a fantastic night I had meeting you all and how well behaved you all were lol. :biglaugh: Emma (Hassall!) xxx :wubclub:
  8. daniel

    Just Starting

    Hello Lynne Was just emailing you when I spotted this lol. Well Done and welcome to the most helpful forum there is. Emma x
  9. daniel

    School Shoes, Geelong?

    Hi Leila Depends on school, mine attend Lara Primary School and they wear trainers as they do sport and fitness in their uniforms but at Williamstown where we were before they had to wear black school shoes. Also at Secondary school they all seem to wear exactly the same shoes (with buckles undone lol!) May as well bring them just in case but you won't necessarily need them. Emma
  10. daniel

    You tube thread

    My sis trying to hula hoop while kids were at school and I was the b*#$h who put it on you tube (and now here) Emma!
  11. daniel

    Software Engineer - Melbourne?

    Hi Dawn! We've been in Melbourne for 2.5 years now. My OH is a senior software developer. He worked in defence in the UK but not for BAE. Of course defence is out of the question until you get citizenship here so Dan has gone into the games industry. He uses C++ amongst others. He didn't have a job to come over to but did have a list of contacts ready to meet him. He secured 3 jobs in his first week. Since arriving though he has been made redundant twice including going into work one day to find it no longer existed and the receivers were in. Both times he did manage to start work with new companies within a week or two. Obviously not ideal and rather stressful but I think that's just the games industry. Point being there is work out there once you've worked out where to find it. If I can help you further just shout, I do most of Dans job hunting for him so I have a few contacts depending on the type of industry Steve would like to go into. Emma
  12. Although I live in Lara, I'm more than happy with a meet up in Geelong, I can actually see the benefits lol!
  13. near the secondary school in Lara.
  14. We're near the sporting club, also very handy! Would love a meet up. I'm a stay at home mum at moment so I'm always around. A Geelong social is definitely needed I think.:yes: Emma
  15. We're in Lara too but at least we're real poms lol! OH works in Melbourne so any further out would be too far to commute but we do like it here, such bogans lol! Emma