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  1. Your registration status is the old card they used to send out to you and is now the letter that tells you you are registered (once you've paid your NMC fee). They kept asking me for my card and I had to send them a screenshot of the website that says they don't send cards out anymore. Just scan in and email them the letter saying your registered or ask the NMC to post (they don't do email and then wonder why they can't work efficiently!) If you've not kept it best at of luck
  2. Why don't you do the top up degree online at a UK university? I know UWS (university west of Scotland) do it online for (I think) £1,500 you could use a friend/relative address so you don't pay international fees it would take you 9months (at the most) and that's a part time timeframe you might be able to get RPL for any modules you've done reducing time and cost http://www.uws.ac.uk/schools/school-of-health-nursing-and-midwifery/courses/distance-learning/apply/#.VA-alXgayc0
  3. Hi there I did not add my school qualifications. I only added Uni qualifications
  4. Hi i have PMd you with details of a contact. I don't know much about the sponsored visa but I'd advise looking at what you would need to pay for if you went on that visa- such as schooling etc
  5. Claire Give them a call and speak to person reviewing your file- they are quite helpful. There is a wee spiel that you need to type, date and sign something like "the information is true ......" did you forget that bit? I just typed a list of CPD on my CV I didn't go into detail about my CPD just course name hours and attendance year. There is a wee template somewhere that you could populate and ask if they'll accept by email. I sent mine to Perth office I have the perth phone number if that's where you sent yours.
  6. carol

    OK for kids to have a cuppa

    Tannin/Tannates in tea can interfere with iron absorption and it is often not recommended for children.
  7. carol

    Anyone been issued a visa in the last week???

    Yes- 189 on 21st June
  8. carol

    Good news from the UK

    As part of my job (and study) I am classed as an expert in child poverty I have carried out many qualitative interviews with people who are in the most shocking situations it is not hard to find evidence if you have no Athens account just google- cpag, poverty alliance, gcph, barnardos, Joseph rowntree, engender, save the children etc etc I live in Solihull and it is a great place but i am aware there is 'another world' out there I study in glasgow and have worked there and let me tell you first hand- things are bad and they are going to get a whole lot worse
  9. carol

    Good news from the UK

    I beg to differ if you look into available evidence you will see that they do.
  10. I agree ayrshire2oz Things are dire for many- foodbanks growing at such a rapid rate that it is reflective of Americas "welfare" i have heard of people taking the free sachets of tomato sauce from cafes and topping up with water to give to their kids as soup. Just cause it's not in front of you and your street doesn't mean it's not happening. And before anyone starts with daily mail statements no it's not because they have sky, buy cigs or alcohol! Poverty is slightly more complex than that - have a look at GCPH website! If you read reports from IFS, CPAG, poverty alliance, engender, Joseph rowntree, barnarods, etc etc. You will be shocked and disgusted about what is happening in UK. It certainly is divide and conquer those in low SES have a bleak future ahead.
  11. carol

    GSM Case Officer - Team 34 Brisbane

    Hi my visa got granted on 21st team 34- AM she was so nice and helpful would always answer me promptly. Best of luck everyone!
  12. carol

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    Lol Maggie I stalked them into submission I even managed to work out a direct dial for global health they kept asking how I got it lol I was a woman on a mission and I am glad I chased them or I might still be waiting!!!
  13. carol

    Good news from the UK

    There are people starving here- food banks are growing rapidly mothers are going hungry to feed their children. If you are lucky enough not to be hit by recession then you are fortunate (I personally am unaffected), there are certainly big problems in the uk. For instance an area i used to work in when i was frontline has 55% child poverty and this is expected to rise considerably! Things are only going to get worse for people in low SES- child poverty was meant to be eradicated in 2020 however it is set to rise over next couple of years and all the work done in past 12 years is forecast to be wiped out in next 12-18 months.
  14. carol

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    Thanks Wendy I had the team lead, assistant director and director of GSM Brisbane on the case due to Global Health being useless!!! We are so excited!!
  15. carol

    Medicals refered for more than 30 days ets connect

    Hi KazG it's an awesome feeling! 100 days after the medical and many phone calls and emails to global health and case officer- it's all done an dusted!! flights booke for 26 August