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Average wages for an AME and cost of living in Oz

Guest ian877

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Guest ian877

Hello everyone


Deb and I are just about to apply for our state sponsorship with Victoria, then hopefully with the green light from that our visa will be lodged.


For quite a few weeks now we have been researching the cost of living in Victoria, if all goes to plan we are looking at the Geelong or Werribee area. Anyway can anyone point us in the right direction for trying to get accurate figures of average wages in Oz.


I'm an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (not licensed) and I found one site that mentions the average wage for my trade and when I took the lowest band they stated (45,000 AUD) then considering the outgoings.


Considrations were:

Lowest estimate for salary was 45.000 AUD = 3750 AUD per month (Gross)


  • Income tax & medicare 731 AUD per month
  • Rent 1200 AUD per month
  • Healthinsurance 250 AUD per month
  • Car,tax, insurance and petrol 200 AUD per month
  • Internet 80 AUD per month
  • Grocery 400 AUD per month
  • Utility bills 120 AUD per month
  • Phone and mobile 140 AUD per month
  • Eating out 400 AUD per month
  • Sundries 400 AUD per month

Total= 3921 AUD per month


These are the figures we come up with and obviously the salary does not cover it, this does not include savings either. Can any one tell me if I'm over budgeting too much or these figures are accurate.


If we are overbudgeting can anyone point us in the right direction to get accurate figures to calculate your average wages and outgoings, as we are finding alot of conflicting information. I appreciate that everyones standard of living will be different but I'm just after all considerations for outgoings and accurate average costs.


Any advice would be much appreciated.


Many thanks


Ian & Deb

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