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Found 431 results

  1. Increase in the Visa Application Charge for offshore partner visa applications, effective for applications lodged from 1 July 2023: A$8,850 for main applicant, plus (currently A$8,085) A$4,430 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,045) A$2,215 for a secondary applicant aged under 18 (currently A$2,025) Best regards.
  2. Hi Can anyone tell me what costs are like to return to the UK compared to moving out in the first place? Has anyone returned and fallen short on money due to a massive difference in the housing costs, shipping and every other cost involved? Just heard that coming back can be very hard for people and want to be able to know that I can do it. My hubby is 100% certain he would not come back, but I am definitely not so sure and worry that I will be stuck. I know I shouldn't be thinking of this because we haven't left yet, (house here in the UK is about to complete). But with 2 kids under 8 and years of household goods coming with us, I need to understand the problems that may arise. Thanks Sarah
  3. Hi All Can anyone advise me what the total cost of the Spouse Visa is, including any other costs along the way. Is AUD7,160 including Health Check, and everything you need? Many Thanks
  4. Hi, Which agents are good? We've contacted the emigration group, but they are expensive. The whole process is expensive so we're trying to avoid extra cost if possible. Quotes are around £3000 Anyone found any cheaper than that, which are registered, and that you've been happy with?
  5. Morning all, We've just received quotes in for a 40ft container shipment of household goods from Melb to UK (southampton). Eye-watering... If you've done the move back to the UK from Melbourne, I'd really appreciate if you could let me know some ballpark figures of what it cost you. Many thanks in advance, R
  6. visa-price-increase-fact-sheet-2017-18(1).pdf
  7. KangarooJack

    Basic cost of living in Queensland

    Hi I am trying to get an idea of the monthley cost of living in Queensland. eg Community fees Electric Gas Water Digital TV Fuel Prices Food on (on average) Thanks alot Chris Just received Police Checks back all going well
  8. My company is in the process of applying to be a nominated employer, and to nominate me under the Employer Nomination Scheme (186). I wanted to check what the law, and general procedure is regarding who should pay for what relating to the Visa process. For example, who should pay for the employer nomination application, the candidate application, and then all the associate costs related to the application - such as police checks and health assessment for example. Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing back from you.
  9. Hi, Am currently considering a job offer based in Penrith (on a 427 visa) but have no sense of how far my salary will go in this area. I'm in the UK at the moment and the move would mean bringing over two young children (1 and 3) and my husband. Initially, we would be looking to rent and would probably be living off my salary alone for the first 3-6 months. My salary would be in the region of $114000. Have been looking at lots of information about the area and house rentals etc., but it's hard to gauge what price rental bracket we should be aiming for without having a real feel for how far my money will go. We will potentially have some savings to bring with us, but we want to keep that fairly intact in the hope of buying our own place in a year or two if we decide to stay. Leonay, Emu Heights, Glenbrook, all look like nice family friendly areas, but what are the costs of living in those areas? I'm also interested to know what the primary schools/preschools are like there. I should be able to get discounted child care places at my work for the children, so am less concerned about that. My husband will also probably only look for part-time work at the start, to be at home with the children and ease the transition, so initial child care costs will hopefully be minimal. My husband's currently in IT, but only new to it and still doing some studying/training, it's a bit of a career change for him at the moment. What is the job market like for IT in that area? Is it an easy-ish commute to inner Sydney if that's where most of the jobs are? Would be grateful for any advice. Feeling very daunted at the enormity of the decisions we have to make! Anne
  10. Hi Guys. I know the general consensus is to buy when you're out there but I've been checking out the costs of used cars - they're massive in comparision to the UK. For example, the 2002 Audi A4 TDi Avant I run around in here that is worth approx £6k would cost at least $18k. A difference of approx £3k sterling. Has anyone imported their car? If so what sort of costs are we talking of? All the best.
  11. Luke Aveil

    Defacto 457 visa

    Hi, I am currently coming to the end of my 2nd WHV and shall be applying for a defacto visa as my girlfriend is here on a 457. We have lived together for over 6 months, have a joint lease, joint bank accounts and bills in both our names. The last piece of evidence we need is a letter from her employer, I am just wondering into what detail does this letter have to go? Does it simply have to say that they accept me being a defacto on her 457 visa? My second question is in regards to the new costing of said defacto visa......I found the immigration website fairly confusing, but from going through the visa costing table I have come to the conclusion that it shall be $1030....does anyone know from recent experience if this is correct? I originally thought it would be $1700, but because I applied (and was granted) for my 2nd WHV outside of Australia I am under the impression I do not have to pay the extra $700 had I applied for my current visa here. Any info would be greatly appreciated:biggrin:
  12. piyuyawa

    Medical tests for immigration

    Hello, I am based in Mumbai, India, have submitted my EOI last night. Expect to get invitation on 24th Feb. I was wondering whether I can keep my medical tests ready before I get invited. Reason being that my husband (included in my application) is going to be travelling starting this weekend for a couple of months. What exactly are the formalities/paper-work required to get medical tests done? Do we need to specify application number for the tests? If so, I will have no choice bt to wait till I get invitation to apply and that would delay my time frame by about 2 months at least I have already applied for my PCC. Also, I have a 2.5 yr old baby boy. Would a medical test be required for him too? If anyone knows about the approximate cost involved, I would like to know that as well. Thanks in advance and keeping my fingers crossed. Piyu.
  13. Hey guys, Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National currently on a 4 Year 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One is possibly an operation I will eventually need on my nose, due to being unable to breath thorough it thanks to a deformed septum which requires surgery, the other is a serious stomach issue that I need a colonoscopy for to find out exactly what is wrong. I am so desperate to get these fixed as they are both currently making my life a living hell. I have the standard Reciprocal Medicare Card which says "Visitor" which I am assuming only helps me a little with Doctors fee's etc so my question is two parts. Firstly if I pay top dollar and get individual private Insurance, how much difference cost-wise would this help when I go to attempt to rectify the problems explained above? (I mean who private health care actually cover for say the colonoscopy or help with the cost of the op for my nose) and secondly, If so which Private Health Care fund comes highly recommended in your opinion? (ie, Upgrade Medicare, Bupa, Etc) Can anyone give some sound advice on what I should do? Cheers in advance, for any advice given! Ruddy
  14. Hello again guys Following on from my previous thread about car insurance, I have been looking at the cost of buying a motor in Australia compared to England at a rate of 2.25 I think that you pay a lot more in Aus for a car compared to the UK. So i am now looking into exporting a car from the UK. But I have to factor in the associated costs to see if it would be worth while or not. Can any who has gone through this experience give me a guide as to the costs associated along with time scales Thanks in advance Mark
  15. Hi there, Newbie here.............. my name is caroline and myself and my family are planning to move to oz next year. ( 2 teenage boys aged 15 & 16) We are just starting to get the ball rolling and now starting to pay for things and my main question before we really get started is - is the cost of living the same, more expensive or cheaper in oz than living in the uk? i've been looking at mortgage rates etc which i see are higher than we generally pay here, i'm concerned that by the time i pay all the usual bills, like telephone, mortgage, car/house/health insurance, tax, pension schemes, electricity, gas, water, phone, internet etc that my monthly outlays may be more in oz than in UK. and if that is the case would have to seriously reconsider our move. ( i have seen that the price of petrol is cheaper which is good bonus!!!) am reeaally hoping the answer is going to be cheaper or about the same as we are sooooo excited thinking about the move. cheerie caroline :jiggy:
  16. Guest

    Canberra Cost of Living...

    Hi, we're preparing for the move and I've searched the forums but can't find a COL list for Canberra. How about we start one up and hopefully it could become a sticky. (The main things that google search throws up are surveys putting Canberra amongst the most expensive cities in the world!!!) Can anyone help fill in the blanks please? I know it'll vary from household to household (eg we are a family of five and expect to pay around $700 pw rent) but it would be very useful to get some figures down: **Edit: Have added some tentative guesstimates based on utilities' websites etc ** Monthly Outgoings $$$ Rent: 2800 (at 700 pw) Food: 550 Private health insurance: 250 Fire tax: 8.50 Ambo insurance: 16 Electric:110 Gas: ?? House Insurance: 55 Car Insurance: 35 Car Tax/Rego: 60 Council Tax: 135 approx Water rates: 37 Sewage rates: 44 (132 per quarter) Petrol:?? Mobile Phones (one smartphone, one regular):?? Internet:?? Cable TV:?? Phone:?? Heating/Aircon:?? School Supplies:?? Parking:?? TIA:v_SPIN:
  17. Hi All, Am just wondering if all you Central Coasters could possibly give us Wannabe Central Coasters a clearer picture of the cost of living there????? :confused: Week to week living, monthly outgoings etc etc. Eg. Electricity, Gas, Phone, Childcare, Health Ins., Car Ins., Contents Ins., AirCon etc etc. :arghh: I know alot of the above will have variables, dependent upon family size, location, plans you go for, servers etc etc, but I think just a rough guideline would be good and we could average it out. FYI - we are four - one school going - one infant - one car family. ANY INFO GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! If we could start a listing even better..........It would make the already frustrating decision making, less confusing - I HOPE!!! Cheers guys!!!! Big Hugs.:hug:
  18. Sarah and family

    Can anyone Advise on costs Etc

    Hello All We are a family of five Hubby, Myself, Daughter who's 6, Son who's almost 4 and a chihuahua! (Dog) We are currently at the thinking stages of emigration! We know very little about it, only what have researched and the information this wonderful site has provided us! Our next step is to look at completing visa's and from feedback from here, think we will try using an agent! Im not too sure if theres anywhere that kind of gives step by step if what to do, Perhaps an agent will also help with this. Hubby is also looking into jobs! I have put alot of research into areas, We are planning a trip to Aus this year to check out for ourself! but again this is also going to depend of husbands Job situation All very confusing to me. One main question we have is.. Roughly how much money do we need in total to emigrate? how much does the visa process cost? We have also have read mixed messages about needing a certain amount of savings, in orde to be accepted? We have a house to sell here in Uk and cars etc but it wont leave us with loads! due to recession and paying off car loans! Please if someone could provide any rough figures or any more information, We would be most greatful Thank you From Sarah and Family in sunny UK!! (I Wish!)
  19. Hi, it's been a few months since I posted and I have read that there's a number of people relocating to Mackay ) Good times.. I wanted to know about the relative cost of living in Mackay, I know the property market (purchase and rentals) are crazy high, double what we pay here in UK on our mortgage (which is high enough) But I understand its all relative. My hubby is a crane driver and is looking for work in this field, preferably in the mines. I have heard what the average mine wage is for Darrens skills but what about outside the mines? What's the average wage within the construction industry, what is the avalibility of crane work? And also, I read on a link from the Local Mercury newspaper that the income tax is really high too. 30-38% :chatterbox: As a rough guide, I calculated the rent/mortgage to cost around AU$1800-2000 per month, other essential outgoing around another AU$1500 per month... I'm kinda panicking that the outgoings outweigh in the income.....:no: (I guess the worst comes to it, I can always go fish for dinner :fish2: :wink:) Thanks, Andrea.
  20. Guest

    Removals back to the UK

    has anybody got any info Re: removals back to the uk from OZ? I am looking for prices, recommendations of firms etc and If any body has gone it alone (without the use of removal companies) We also have 2 x dogs so any info would be helpful Thanks
  21. Here are my estimates, any comments would be most welcome... EXPENSES $ PER MONTH Rent $2,166.67 Water rates $70.00 Water usage $20.83 Contents insurance $30.00 Electricity $100.00 Gas $47.92 Phone $120.83 Broadband $100.00 TOTAL $2,656.25 Ancillaries $71.00 Hospital cover $105.00 Other GP expenses $60.00 Flights to europe $833.33 TOTAL $1069.33 Schooling for 2 kids $41.67 Other costs per child $66.00 TOTAL $107.67 Car insurance $37.50 annual license $40.83 Services 6 months $20.83 Repairs $33.33 Fuel $187.50 TOTAL $320.00 Food for family of 5 $1,083.33 Trainfare $208.00 GRAND TOTAL $5444.58 :wub:
  22. Hi Folks, need to start organizing the shipping of the two dogs, looking for some info. We are based in Dublin and need to get a Yorkie and a Basset Hound to Oz. We are looking at leaving mid March 2013, we have two options, fly the dogs straight out or leave them with the folks for a few months until we are settled and have them picked up. Frank (the basset) is a big lad, prob 1.2 - 1.3m head to tail, Clyde (yorkie) is prob 30 - 40cm. If anyone has time frames on jabs etc, i could do with the info! Also, if anyone has ballpark figures for getting both to NSW / Victoria, thanks in advance. Cheers, Kev
  23. Looking to have SSV to WA and they have some questions, how will we pay for are life, so how much is the cost of food, water bills, elec bills, clothes, school uniform, I have 3 children 15, 13, 11, and the cost of a car, so just some ideas please.:arghh:
  24. Guest

    Skills assessment

    How much approximately does the skills assessment cost for a bricklayer? Cheers, Ian.
  25. Hi Everyone, I thought I would do my little bit by posting some information on this site regarding shipping costs ets....I have got so much information from POI...I thought it was time to see if I can help others in return. I looked long and hard into shipping as it can be a considerable cost. I decided to get the following company's out to quote my removals: Pickfords =£4000.00 PSS International =£2860.00 White & Company =£2685.00 Excess International =£2877.00 John Mason =£ 2650.00 Doree Boner =£2613.00 Crown Relocation =£3779.00 Anglo Pacific =£3999.00 I used the same speech for every company that came round to quote as I wanted the best overall quote and estimate on cubic feet. I specified that I would flat pack as much of my furniture as possible as this can save you tens if not hundreds of cubic feet in your removals. My first quote was from Pickfords who decided that I would need sole use of a 20ft container and that it would cost me 4k....I was a little surprised at first as i thought in my own mind that we would only need part, due to the fact we had no fridge or freezer and our main bedroom wardrobes were built in. I was in fact glad on the next quote that I had other companies to price, as PSS said I was only part container at 597 cubic feet.....This excercise went on for the next two weeks...as you can see from above list the cost varies a little and most companies were close on cubic feet except for Anglo Pacific & Pickfords. As a note 5 of the companies came in at 592 - 620 cubic feet of each other!!!! I decided to get the closest 4 to re-evaluate there costs to see if I could lower the price...three of them did...inbox me for details on those and prices...I can also send you an inventory of exactly what we are sending so you can gauge a price on your own belongings. I hope this is of use to anyone seeking removals!...if you require any further information drop me a line! All the best! Si:biggrin: