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Trade licence

Guest jonathan

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Guest jonathan

Hi everyone, I am a truck technician and currently awaiting results of the TRA. Can anyone tell me if a trade licence is required before I can start work in Oz?

We do not need to be licensed in the UK (although now you can apply to gain a licence ) but just wondering what the criteria is in Oz.


Many thanks


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Guest scott&lisa

Hi Jonathan,


I posted a similar question to you on the forum and nobody answered that either, so I may be answering your question as well as my own!!!


Anyway, I've no idea if you have got to oz since you posted your question, but since posting mine, I have arrived in Melbourne and have been offered a job as an Instrument Technician which was a huge load off!!

The position is a staff job, but one of the questions I asked during interview was do I need to get a trade license and he seemed confused by this and said no, he was happy with seeing my apprenticeship certs and trade qualifications etc. Don't know if it would be different if I was contracting or going self employed though. To get one though if you do need a trade license, is to contact the TRA again once you have arrived in Oz


Hope this helps if you are still going through the process. Good luck if you are and all the best.




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