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Found 216 results

  1. LA7000

    Driving licences in Australia

    So I am thinking of flying back to the UK to complete my bike licence as it takes over 2 years to get a full licence in Victoria , I am going to complete a direct access course which will provide a full unrestricted bike license within a week. My question is, I have already converted my UK driving licence to an Australian one will it be an issue getting the unrestricted bike licence added to my current Australian licence?
  2. Hi has anyone done the electrical contractors licence (open learning). my hubby just got the paper work and is a little confussing , if anyone can tell us the best way to go about it please cheers Lisa
  3. Wendy Robinson

    Electrical licence

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help........O/H and I have been in WA nearly 3 weeks and holiday mode is definately over...I would really like some advice on gaining A grade electricians licence My O/H was assessed by TRA so we are in the process of applying for ARTC once we have gained this what is the next step????? where do we apply...... and roughly how long and and expensive is it???? PLEASE some one help... Thank You Wendyxxx
  4. Hi...have post this on Life in Victoria forum also - I've just booked the licence conversion appointments for myself and my husband from the UK, for the day after we arrive in Melbourne. The number is + 61 3 8391 3216 from overseas (8.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 2.00pm Saturday). (Aus hours obviously! ) The rep was really helpful, and the entire call only took 12 minutes! Hopefully this helps someone (sorry if it's been posted before) Emma
  5. just been told that when you transfer your licence across in QLD that you have to take a highway code test is this still the case Cheers Dave, Petra, Quianna,
  6. Hi people we have been living in Perth for a while now and I want to share with any electricians who are making the move an incite on how to go about getting your A class licence. I know there are other threads about this but I hope this will help as well. Firstly you need to go through the vetassess route to gain your 175/176 or 457 etc.. its worth doing this route as I heard an extra week will be added to the course if you went via the TRA route. when you get your visa apply to energy safety for permission to apply to one of the tafes who run the electrical trades licensing course, they will give you conformation that you can apply. the tafes who energy safe advise are polytechnic west challenger institute of technology combined skills training association college of electrical training you will need books for this course which will cost you around 550 bucks. you will attend college for 10 days covering a wide range of theory and practical tasks. you will feel nervous but the lecturers will make you feel at ease. you do a final practical exam which is like a small AM2, then you receive a cert saying you passed the course. you results are sent to energy safe and you turn up a week later and get your electrical licence. hope this helps all the best lads..... :biggrin:
  7. Marc Ford

    Driving licence???

    I have just come over to Perth recently, and I have a full british driving licence with categories B,BE,B1,C,CE,C1,C1E and H. I was just wondering If I was able to drive trucks over here in Perth if I do not change my licence over to an australian version.I know if you get citizenship or residency you have to change your licence over and you lose everything exept car and motorcycle, I am over here on a working holiday visa so I see no need to get an Aussie licence.
  8. I hope my experience is helpful to any engineers trying to convert to the Aussie licence system. I am a type rated B2 engineer in the UK but also hold a B1 with no type ratings, and have had issues with my electrical cover as the Aussie licence system does not gel with EASA 66 licences. I have been granted Instrument and Radio credits in line with my A320/21, A330, B757 & B767 but have lost my meager electrical cover afforded to me by my B2 (no grandfather rights) CASA do not recognise LWTR's and will only grant you the credits towards an Aus licence if you hold a type on your licence and a company approval for at least 6 months related to your UK licence. I have held my B1 for over 6 months and have carried out an A330 B1 type course I also have over 10 years experience on type with a log book to support the last year or so, I am awaiting an engine course so I can apply for my UK type rating (end of this month). Even with this ammount of supporting data CASA still would not grant me my electrics on the A330. My life now hangs in limbo as Visa's are in place and job in Perth is waiting. If anyone needs any help converting their licences or understanding the CASA licencing system I have now got a reasonable understanding of how to apply and how it all works thanks to my misfortunes let me know and I will see fi I can assist. :arghh:
  9. Proview220

    Excavator Licence

    If one has a Excavator Licence here in the uk, would this be ok to use in oz or would one have to re- sit test. any info on this would be great proview
  10. I'm an City and Guilds advanced craft plumber who has been in the trade for 22 years, I'm currently awaiting my visa for emigration. Hoping to get straight in to work upon receiving the visa and landing in Perth, but need to know if there is a licence I need to obtain before I can work, if so can I do this upon arrival, how much does this cost, how long does it take to complete and is it better to attain this before I leave the UK. Any help would be much appreciated thank you.
  11. Guest

    UK Driving licence in NSW?

    Hey everyone, I'm moving to Sydney in August (exciting!), and am trying to get as much stuff sorted as possible before I get there... I've been looking at getting an Aussie driving licence, but couldn't work out whether I have to re-take my test again, or if (being a UK driver) I could simply get an additional licence? I apologise if this question has been asked before (I did have a hunt through the forums, but couldn't see anything) - but any help or advice you can offer would be wonderful! Thanks very much, Nina
  12. Just wondering if anyone has taken the option to fly to Adelaide to get their Electrical Mechanical licence? We're finding work thin on the sunshine coast and although crying out for qualified electricians in area with what's happened with the floods etc, no-one interested in a unqualified electrician. I know its an option but not sure of pro's and con's - any tips or advice greatly appreciated.
  13. Im currently half way through my wireing regulations course with peer voc. to attain my electrical licence for oz, was just wondering if any other sparks out there that have done the course and could tell me a little about what to exspect during the practical testing and how strict they are with the workbook answers!! im nearly finished the workbook just tryn to clean up some bits that i wasnt to sure on! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  14. Hello i live in perth i am a excavator driver just passed my digger test at aus.com now i need to get my H.R licence so i can apply for all the jobs instead of just the ones where you dont need H.R. I dont no which one to do which would be the best as far as employers are concerned i was gonna go for the automatic one as it would be the easiest but dont no if this will restrict my employment chances does anyone know which would be best as i have heard the licence is only for insurance purposes. any suggestions :biggrin:
  15. vdM family

    Exchanging driving licence

    Can anybody who has a South african Drivers Licence advise if they were able to get an Oz Licence easily enough when on 457 Visa?
  16. Hi, Is it possible to apply for a Drivers licence, Tax Number, Medicare or any other 'official' document whilst still offshore? I need more points to be able to import a vehicle, but without actually being in Oz, it's proving quite difficult. Would Poste Restante help here? Apologies for double posting - there wasn't a 'natural' forum.
  17. Guest

    uk car licence

    Hi all was after some info on whats transferable from a UK car licence to the australian licence? Will I have to re-sit my motorbike test in oz even tho av had it for 11 years... Many thanks :biggrin:
  18. Guest

    Drivers Licence

    Hi, Ive just passed my bike test here in the UK (wooo!). Whats the deal with driving over in QLD can I just transfer my licence? Dont tell me I have to take more tests over there pleaseeee! :cute:
  19. legoman

    car licence

    Just had a thought ( i know rare ) I have a car, paid out fully comp ins here in perth. do I still pay the licence on the car as well which includes 3rd party ins, i paid 400dols fully comp and the licence fee 256 for 6months. do both need to be paid?.:confused:
  20. cassy

    Uk photo licence

    Hi All, We are moving to perth in august and was wondering if anyone could tell me if I need a uk photo driving licence to swop over to a wa one? I still have the old paper one!! Thanks in advance:wink:
  21. jomark2oz

    Driving licence query

    Hope someone can help! We fly out for a reccie on the 22nd to Perth to validate our visas. We will obviously be wanting to hire a car and my OH will be doing the driving:wink:. We will also be flying to Brisbane. He only has his photocard driving licence, the green paper part seems to have gone astray. Have done some googling and can't work out if this is going to be a problem? Will the photocard part be enough? I think it takes 3 wks to get a replacement....... Many thanks, Jo(28), Mark(37), William(2)
  22. Arriving in Sydney in November. I've been on a full bike licence in the UK for almost 10 years commuting in London, and would like to do the same in Sydney. Hoping someone here is a biker and can help me understand what my full UK bike licence will enable me to do. My attempts to understand the NSW RTA website seem to suggest that: - Initially I can only ride a class R bike (which means weedy) - After 6 months without leaving the country I can then apply for a P1 plate on a class R bike for 12 months, then a P2 plate on a class R bike (but ride slowly everywhere) for 2 years and finally a full licence. Am I really stuck on a wee bike riding slowly for 3 1/2 years? Does 10 years of big bike experience in the UK have no bearing?
  23. you have to have a drivers license. you will be assisting me in the instalation of garage doors. i can pay cash but if you want to be on the books it means giving me an invoice every week.
  24. Hi, Can I use my local country driving licence after arriving to Melbourne. Is so how long? thank you, horizone
  25. Hi everyone, I'm a 30 year old English guy who moved to Perth from the UK a week ago. Rather embarrassingly, I never got round to learning to drive back home but I intend to get it sorted over here. I have found some info on the subject but the process seems very different to back home. Can anyone give me a step by step guide for as to what I need to do. Has anyone had to do this themselves? Am I also right in saying that because I'm over 25, I don't actually have to log any driving hours whilst I'm on my provisional licence? Any information is gratefully received. Thanks, Steve