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Have we done the right thing?


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Hi everyone


Today we have lodged our 176 family sponsor/general skilled migration visa (Victoria) :jiggy:

We are abosolutely chuffed to have finally lodged but we have this sinking feeling that we could be waiting a very very long time for our application to be looked at.

We could have went for state sponsor to SA but thought going to Vic and having family around when we move will be priceless and make it less stressfull.


Could someone help me with the following questions:

* Does anyone know roughley how long we could be waiting? Will it actually be the 18-24mths stated?

* Do they go by your trade when sorting thro for the next one to look at and not the date lodged?

*Would it be worth swapping our application to state sponsor (if we could)?

*Now that we have lodged our visa if our trade goes on the state sponsor list for Vic could we move to State sponsor for Vic?


Thanks everyone in advance :notworthy:

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I don't think anyone knows how long a newly lodged family sponsored 176 will take. They are in Priority Group 3 which has a processing standard of 18 - 24 months but there is an added complication in that there are only 4100 Skilled - Australian Sponsored visas available for the 2011-2012 program year. No further 176 family sponsored applications will be accepted after 30 June, 2011 but I doubt if anyone knows how already lodged applications are currently in the pipeline.


Applications are supposed to be processed in lodgement date order.


You are not able to change to state sponsorship without lodging (and paying for) a new application.

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