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  1. for me its a good thing,its an oppertunity to mix,and blend with other ideas,and custums--not a bad thing to unite the world:wubclub:
  2. As I'm 16, and we have medicals up'n'coming on Monday... what do I need to expect? Chest x-rays probably right but that's ok I'm cool with a bit of radiation 'n all that but does it require any of the following for a 16 year old "young man" such as myself? (if either are the case it'll be the worst day of my week for sure!!): - undressing - blood tests (MORE concerned bout that I HATE HATE HATE NEEDLES but if it gets me into Aus I MIGHT be a little more willing but STILL I hope it doesn't!!) Bare in mind: 175 skilled independent migrant (permanent residency) :unsure:
  3. Hi All, We are in the middle of packing our stuff up (yes house is full of boxes, bubble wrap etc etc) so tell me what is the best/most useful item you brought with you and whats the worst/waste of space item you packed thanks for reading, look forward to your replys :notworthy:
  4. :sad:Hi All, I am sure there have been a million threads like this, but i would really welcome some input, though i realise that the decision is purely ours. We are a family of 7 (hubby, me, son-24, daughters 19,16,7 & 4). We decided nearly 2 years ago now that we wanted to give Oz a go, to have some new experiences in life, and hopefully make a good life for ourselves & family out there. It was a shock to the children. Both myself & hubby are 100% up for it. Two younger children excited (they don't really understand at their age, and we know they have the most to gain and least to lose), 24 yr old son has said right now he's not at a place to go for it, but would not rule it out in time (he lives in own house, works, lives independently & has g'friend), 19yr old daughter (born in Queensland, where i lived for 3 years with previous hubby, didn't work out so came home),she has her own passport & citizenship, but is scared to want to like it cos she knows it will mean leaving friends and boyfriend, 16 yr old baulked at idea to start, then was all fired up, then went back to hating idea (scared i think at what it would mean). We agreed to let her do her A levels so she would be 18, and would then have choice to come or not (she says she will most likely come). We thought we had made the decision that if the older ones did not want to come (16 yr old will have validated visa, and 19 yr old has passport already/citizenship, 24yr old son didn't want to apply yet, but could in future), then we were still sure it was the right thing to go, and that if they ever changed their mind, they could still join us. But after a heart to heart at weekend, seeing how sad it was making them all...i am teetering on the edge. My son says he can understand our wish to go & respects it, but does still feel like we're abandoning him (even though we would want him to take the same opportunity, if we were staying in UK and he got chance to move away), it seems to be not the fact that we're on opposite sides of world, but that we're leaving them, and that if they were leaving us it would be different. He wants us to do what we want to do and will give us his blessing, but is just sad that we will miss certain special times in his life (we have siad we will do everything we can to come back and see him, or fly him out to spend time with us, etc). 19 yr old daughter, is scared that when she comes with us in feb when we validate our visas, she'll get hooked on Oz, and that will mean she will have to choose to leave her friends and boyfriend (we are incredibly close and she is distraught at the thought of not seeing us and her little sisters growing up), 16 yr old just cannot see 2 years ahead, but feels she wants to come with us, providing she doesn't find boyfriend. I will miss my very close friends, but the times i see them are not enough for me to not go, they don't want me to go, and hope will change mind, but give me their blessing. Parents don't want us to go, but i can't say i feel i couldn't leave them (that sounds harsh, but we just aren't that close). I know if we don't go, i will regret it forever, and when they all fly the nest, i will resent their leaving and us being stuck here. :sad:But the thought of them not coming and having to physically say goodbye to them, is the most awful thing i can imagine right now and we have had a very tearful weekend. We will all go out in feb, flights booked and we are doing everything we can to book nice rental, have great itinary in order to show older girls the best we can, in order to entice them and sell them on what their life could be. The older children are from previous marrriage, so although my hubby loves them and will miss them, it's not the same for him. His 2 children we have had since, will obviously be coming with us. he is 100% up for going and has no one he will really miss. How do you know you are making the right decision, are we being selfish? All opinions gratefully received. Thanks, Tania x
  5. Hi I've just joined this forum as we have been mulling over applying to move to oz for a while. We first went there in 1991 (working holiday) and I went back there for a couple of weeks about 10 years ago (Sydney). I love the feeling of the place compared to the uk and have always felt a "pull" to live there. But now we have got three children, 13,10,4 all in private schools in North London and I am concerned if we can get the same education or better in NSW. My eldest is not in a "top" school but it is very nice with huge grounds and a lot of activities. It is a boarding school but he doesn't board. The 10 year old is just about to take 11+ exams. With the schools in england they always seem to be on holiday (half terms etc) and we seem to be in winter for 9 months of the year. Seems the terms in oz are unbroken so they should make more progress. We would be applying under the Provisional Sponsored Business Owner sub class so it would be up to two years before we got approved. So the dillemma is would it be the right thing to do or would I be making a mistake to move them all to Sydney at this stage? I keep swinging one way and the other but its now or never. We are all going on holiday to oz next April for a couple of weeks to that should help our decision.
  6. Mine would be the kids trampoline. I was dubious at first, as they had hardly used the play house it replaced, but after an exceptionally rainy summer in the UK (which one was that you ask?) I bought a trampoline out of frustration. They have loved it ever since, and have used it constantly for years. All the kids in the street use it, and we had to ban anyone over the age of ten because they were getting carried away. It's looking a bit ragged now, and will need replacing soon. But I'd be hard pressed to think of better value for money. Sometimes they don't even bounce, they just sit around it and talk. What's the best thing you have ever bought.
  7. It's a strange thing asking people you don't know for opinions and advice on some forum! But as I've just come to Oz, I don’t know anyone well enough to ask, so anonymous opinions are the next best thing!! I moved to Melbourne in October with my wife and 2 young children hoping for a better life for all of us, but expected it to be hard work to get started and financially costly. Well the honeymoon period has ended and I’m starting to wonder if it was the right move, as I’m sure many others have. We’ve given up a lot to be here, but my wife and I are in very different situations, so she loves it, whilst I have my doubts. We used to seriously dislike the UK and Oz was our dream, but typically one forgets exactly why I didn’t like the UK and why I thought Oz would be so great!! Basically, I got a job soon after getting here, so I just work, try to recover at the weekends and then go back to work. My wife looks after our 2 young children, which is hard work, but enjoyable. She meets lots of other mothers at kindy, various playgroups, trips to the zoo, dinners and endless birthday parties for the other kids. There’s so much to do, she loves it. She’s sad she gave up a good teaching job in the UK, but the alternative of looking after the kids and meeting lots of other mothers can be quite pleasant. Here’s a comparison of my life UK vs Oz; Firstly the negatives and this is going to sound like a rant, but it’s just the facts of how I feel: Had a house in the UK and although we were thinking of moving, we could have afforded another one as cheaper houses are more available in the UK than Oz and I wouldn’t have blown 25,000 GBP coming to Oz. I can’t imagine being able to afford an Oz house unless they crash 50% and the pound comes back up to $2+ again. I had a comfortable job in the UK, fairly secure permanent position, reasonable pay, not stressful. Biggest plus was a final salary pension, meaning we would have been very comfortable at retirement. In Oz, I have a short term contract job, that I have to hope is renewed each year. It’s a small company that screws the employees for everything, it’s unstable, not many holidays, longer hours, there’s been no pay rises for years and it’s low pay considering it’s contract work. It’s high pressure/stress and I’m forced to pay into a pension fund which is effectively some people gambling my money on the stock market, so I’ve lost 10% of my pension in the first 8 months. I’m 27 years from retirement, but at this rate I don’t know how I will manage with a small pension and no house! My journey to work in the UK consisted of a 10min drive or walk. In Oz, it’s 30min to 2 hours of hell every morning and evening and I’m constantly fearing for my life due to the appalling driving on the roads. (I've had 1 crash and several near misses in 8 months of being here, but no crashes in 20 years of driving in the UK). Although we lived some distance from my mother, Gran and sister, we saw them quite regularly and they could see the kids and were there for backup in emergencies. My mother and sister will now see us/kids about once every 2 years and my Gran may never see them again (she it quite old now). We are also totally by ourselves, with no family back up in emergencies. In the UK I loved astronomy, it was my way of getting away from it all. Although I thought it was often cloudy in the UK, Melbourne really takes the micky with clouds. When it is finally clear, it’s either too windy or a full moon or I’m so exhausted from work/traffic that I can’t do it. I must use my astronomy kit about once every 2 months. In the UK I could buy a decent second hand car with low km for little money, here we’ve had to buy old cars with mega k’s for the same price. I thought the driving in the UK was bad, but Melbourne again takes the micky. What do you expect when every teenager upon passing their tests jumps into a 2 ton killing machine with a 4litre engine, then a few years later moves up to a 4l turbo or 6l V8. Every day there’s been another mother/father/family killed by a teen in a Falcon or Commodore. The last one in the news, the Commodore drive actually left the ground, he was going so fast across a junction and slammed into a Toyota, instantly killing the young mother who was driving. It makes me really worried when my wife and 2 young children are driving around all day, one other these idiots could kill them instantly. Fatalities are 3 times the rate of the UK, yet nothing is done that really tackles it apart from speed cameras. In the UK, we were always concerned about burglary and spoke to lots of people who had been burgled. It turns out where we live in Melbourne (despite apparently being ok) has double the burglary rate of Coventry in the UK! And so many people have guns here too, it’s scary. We don’t know anyone here who has been burgled, but then we don’t know anyone in the area! We rented for a long time in the UK and also lived in our own home for 8 years. In all the time we rented, we never had our rental cancelled. In our rental in Oz, we have been told that when our initial 12 months is up, the landlord (an investment business) no longer wants to rent it out (no reason given), so now we have to move out. The annoying thing is, we can’t move out before the contact end date, so even though we have 3 months notice, we can’t move out until the end date and not after it either, so we can’t realistically look until 1 month before the end date. Then we have to go through the stupid process of applying for lots of properties along with many other people and wait to see if we have been chosen, rather than first come first served. I’m not going into the Aussie brainwashing that you have to pay the maximum price for everything and it has to be made in Australia to suit the Australian conditions that are the harshest in the world, but strangely none of this stuff is sold to other counties. Mainly because the quality is actually poor and it’s overpriced. And the many many adverts telling you that you must buy insurance for everything (especially health insurance) otherwise you are screwed. I didn’t have many close friends in the UK due to moving around a lot, but here the only people I know are at work. I try to get to know the husbands of the friends my wife has made, but only seeing them once a month or so makes it difficult and I’m often tired from work/traffic/worrying about my families future! We have a (relatively cheap) apartment in Turkey which we put in a lot of effort to buy and furnish and often visited. It's rented out now, which just covers the running costs (touch wood), but we'll not be able to visit for a long time and god only knows how we could ever go about selling it from such a distance. You can’t get kebab meat and chips anywhere (from the same place)! (Could be a positive thinking about my waist line)! And now the positives My wife and kids love it here, they are out every day doing stuff and meeting lots of people and made lots of friends. (Although my wife is also worried about the idiots on the roads and the amount of time she has to spend on the roads). We can go to the beach in the summer. The rental properties are much larger than what you would get in the UK for the same price. There is stunning natural country side (same as UK?), if only I could afford a 4x4 (extortionate) to explore the tracks as well as my daily car. LPG is cheap, so I can run my V8 car very cheaply. Conclusion Obviously here, my wife’s and kid’s happiness is the most important, so I do my daily slog to/from work for that. But all that we gave up, especially the stability and family does concern me. Maybe I’m over reacting now that reality is sinking in. I’m sure there are more positives, but I’m struggling to think of them, where-as the negatives just came quick and fast! Clearly my wife is in a different situation to me with her daily social life vs my work schedule. Also, my wife had no family in the UK, so no ties there, apart from some friends she had made recently and she hated the UK, she would never want to go back. I don’t want to belittle what she has given up, but I real feel for my family who have “lost” their 2 young kids. I don’t want to go back to the UK either, mainly because I’ve probably forgotten why I disliked it in the first place and that was when the economy was good! Saying that, when we first started to try for an Australian visa, houses were cheap here, exchange rate was $2.5/pound. We were hoping to sell up and have a tiny mortgage in Oz. When we finally got our visa years later, within weeks the GFC hit and the pound and UK house prices plummeted, after Oz house prices had doubled. So the timing was bad. So just my thoughts and feelings at the moment. Any constructive comments welcome! ps. please don't put me down as another moaning Pom!!
  8. Come on, give me yours! I want to hear the BEST thing about moving to Aus and the very worst!
  9. hillyman

    right thing wrong thing ?

    Hi all, just been reading a thread about a family who have recently emigrated to melbourne, the lady was saying that she is having a very hard time at the moment due to OH not being able to find work, house prices to high price of shopping more than here in the uk and other things which have got me and mine a little/lot scared, we aim to be in Brisbane by the end of January iv'e got a job OH hasn't we took quite a big drop with the sale of the house to make this move now only going with 40k can any one living in Brisbane give me some positive news please because at the moment im scared to death. many thanks. Paulaxx
  10. Good Thing Of The Day Thread opposite of the Vex Thread. This One is a place to mention the Good things that happen in your day, big or small just stuff that pleased you during your day :wubclub:
  11. Really confused and sad today - our story - other half is from Sydney, we met on holiday in Europe, he moved to the UK and we lived there for 3 and a half years, all the time deliberating about if/when we would try living here - applied for 309 visa for me way back in Jan 09, granted end of April and then still deliberated about whether to come out. Finally made it here in early Feb - about 4 days before the visa would have expired!!! We had a place to live as he owns a unit and it had been rented out, so that bit was easy. The real issue for me is jobs - at the moment I am on a temp contract which runs out in early July, and OH is working as a casual in the same company his dad works for - not ideal and not exactly long term and allowing me to settle. As he's been away so long, a lot of his friends have moved away from the area or had kids or whatever, so we have a very limited social circle, I'm finding that really frustrating as I'm a very social person and I don't think he really is - never really noticed it before as I had my social circle set up and if he is told what the plan is then he's happy to be sociable - but now that we're here he just seems to have shut down. It's the same with jobs - he has applied for one job in the last 4 months (and that was last week!), I had thought that, given that he was the local, it would be easier for him than me to get work and that then I could at least relax a bit, but I have applied for so many jobs (only got to 4 interviews if you don't count the one for where I am at the moment) and I kinda feel like he should be the one supporting me, not the other way around?! My Mum reckons we should come home once I'm finished this contract, but a) I'm a determined sod and b) we said we would try it for at least two years and I don't think giving up now is wise or sensible - quite apart from anything else, our flat is rented out and jobs are less easy to come by at home than here!!! Sorry - just needed a moan - my heart tells me to run home but my head tells me that would be very stupid!
  12. Just a lighthearted one peeps. As POMS we often go to Australia and think most things 'may' be the same, but more often than not certain things seem totally absurd, you know the silly little things that make us giggle. The most absurd thing I ever saw (but am now used to it) was what I thought at the time not only absurd, but really strange. I remember taking a slip road in my early dealings with Australian roads and seeing this sign below, by God did I panic big time. Also BYO confused me for some time, (a great idea by the way). So what little things made you giggle, look at something and say, 'That's Absurd'. Keep it nice please people, this is meant to be funny thread, :yes: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. artetaneville

    Have we done the right thing?

    Hi everyone Today we have lodged our 176 family sponsor/general skilled migration visa (Victoria) :jiggy: We are abosolutely chuffed to have finally lodged but we have this sinking feeling that we could be waiting a very very long time for our application to be looked at. We could have went for state sponsor to SA but thought going to Vic and having family around when we move will be priceless and make it less stressfull. Could someone help me with the following questions: * Does anyone know roughley how long we could be waiting? Will it actually be the 18-24mths stated? * Do they go by your trade when sorting thro for the next one to look at and not the date lodged? *Would it be worth swapping our application to state sponsor (if we could)? *Now that we have lodged our visa if our trade goes on the state sponsor list for Vic could we move to State sponsor for Vic? Thanks everyone in advance :notworthy:
  14. Hi all, This might sound like a really daft question, but are there such things as "house-shares" in Australia, like there are in the UK?? :biggrin: Our plan is that I (husband/dad) will go on ahead to Perth, and try get a few things sorted eg: job and a rental home, before the wife and kids come over. I really don't want to have to rent an entire holiday home for just myself, but also don't want the hefty bill of a hotel. I'm trying to find out if it's possible to rent out a room in a house-share for a few weeks? Are there any websites for this kind of thing, or would something like this be more likely advertised in a newspaper or Gumtree-style website? Ideally, I'm looking at suburbs NOR in Perth, but seeing as it will just be me, I can be quite flexible with the areas. Thanks a bunch. Jasonh
  15. If anyone could offer any advise I would be grateful & sorry for the rather lengthy post! We received my husbands 457 visa after only 3 weeks of being lodged by his employer so we put our home on the market and sold it straight away but unfortunately the chain broke down yesterday and we are back to square one! We need to get out to Perth quickly and I really do not want to rent my house out in the UK as it ruins our plans of buying a property in Perth and we have been advised by 3 estate agents that it is just too nice! Our house is large 4 bedroom, detached, with heated hot tub, garage etc, it sold for £390,000 (circa $600,000) and we wondered if there are any sites that anyone knows of that has people in Australia who want to move back to England quickly and want to save money on the real estate agents fees and do a house swap which by all accounts just involves two Solicitors? I have seen lots for Europe but can't seem to find one for Oz, Perth in particular?
  16. Morning/Evening people. OK, so I often say that I don't regret ANYTHING that has happened in my life, I can with hand on heart say that what has happened to me previously has made me into the person I am today, that may mean I am good, bad, indifferent, selfish, the list is endless, but all in all the things that have happened in my life have happened for a reason and I embrace (to a greater or lesser degree) all these experiences, BUT. I would be lying if I said I don't look back and wish that things 'may' have been a little different. My ONE biggest regret was my second marriage, I should clarify that. Even though we had many, many happy times and to this day I still respect, admire and in a strange kind of way love my second wife, when the wheel fell off by God did it fall off big time. It led me down an avenue that at the time I both loved and hated, I had experiences that I would never have had if it had not been for the split, too boring to go into detail, but at that time I was somewhere that I was very lucky to come out of. But saying that, I can now look back at these experiences and be thankful for them, as they have taught me a lot and I now try and live my life looking back at what I learnt during this time, and for that I guess I am very thankful. So, if you could change just ONE thing about your life what would it be ? Cheers Tony, (Looking up his own backside again,:realmad:)
  17. So during my whole time here i've been single and done nothing romantic but one day i want to spoil and make a special someone feel like they are the most loved person in the world. So what, where, how etc have you done for romantic weekends, days away or a specail moment? share the best
  18. Where ever we live there are good and bad things. No place is perfect but I am sure there is good in all our cities/towns. This thread is to highlight the GOOD things about the places we live in. (no negatives allowed) be that is UK or OZ or indeed any other country Well, today here in Leicester it is my OH birthday and tomorrow is my sons birthday so we are going out tonight for a curry. Leicester I believe has the very best in Indian Resturants due to its high level of Indian population. Because there are so many places to choose from the prices are very reasonable and the chefs we find are very helpful in that they will adjust the recipe according to your preference, ie milder, hotter or blow your socks off if thats what you want. So, we are looking forward to a really great curry tonight and I believe that is one of the things we will probably miss the most when we leave. Have a good day all Metoo x :biggrin::spinny::cool:
  19. OK, we all have tales of funny things that have happened at work, after an incident at work today i wondered what sort of experiences made you laugh at work.. So here is mine for today.... As a lot of you know i am the curator of a small museum. Today we had four Americans pay us a visit. After about an hour the one lady asked me where the powder room was? I sent in the right direction whilst I talked to her husband. Then it happened an almighty scream and a woman shouting. We went running out to the toilets to find this lady trying to tidy her clothes and screaming something touched her. I looked in the toilet and there was a rather large green frog, Apparently as she sat down this frog reached up and stroked her backside. She was screaming, i was laughing and her husband was crying with hysterics.
  20. cartertucker

    'Fate' its a wonderful thing!

    Last Weekend we had just enjoyed our 1st trip to the beach after arriving NOR ~ We all had a lovely day :cute: When we had been back at our rental about an hour my Hubby asked to look at the pics I had taken ~ It was then we realised we had lost our camera :sad: I reported it to the police :policeman: Made a note with the lifeguards & put notices up in all the local shops Like a fool I hadnt saved any of the photos (there were newborn pics of our 3month old on there too) :cry:We were so devastated & it really put a downer on our trip :sad: (lesson learnt) Last night we decided to try an indian restaurant we had seen the day before...As we were sat there a couple came over to us & said 'sorry to interupt you, but we found your camera! We recognise you from the pics on it' :shocked: I started crying with Joy....:cute: We really couldnt believe it...The couple were so nice & after the meal we followed them back to there house to pick it up, we also exchanged numbers & will keep in touch :jiggy:What an amazing feeling! :jiggy:
  21. Dear All, Have anyone entered OZ without the visa label on their passport? I've heard of visa evidencing from VFS/ Australia house for the stamp. Will the Visa grant letter do the trick or do I really have to get that label stamped before entering OZ? I'm currently working in the MidEast and I dont want to send my passport away due to the volatility of situation here. Appreciate the confirmation, thanks.
  22. Hi All our health requirements showing finalised, do you think this is a positive sign. Has anyone any idea when we are likely to find out the verdict ??:v_SPIN: Thanks in advance Annette x
  23. Yep, an often overused expression, but in all honesty what are the top five things that are indeed the best things since 'Sliced Bread', in your opinion. I'll go first, not in any particular order by the way. 1. The internet. For ALL its pitfalls it has allowed access to many facts, myths, topics, etc that were very often out of peoples reach. 2. Airline travel. It has allowed the earth to be opened up, and this can't be a bad thing, well nearly. 3. Help For Heroes. In no small measure it started from an acorn and has now blossomed into a charity that has in no small part bought to peoples attention what sacrifice some pay for ALL of us, throughout the generations as well, not just the 'present' wars. 4. Mobile Phones. Again, for all its pitfalls a marvellous invention that allows us to keep in touch, not only with family, relatives and friends, but also the world through the net. 5. The vote. Though not used that much we should be eternally grateful that we have in place a democratic system of putting our point of view across. Not going to get into the pros and cons, but voting is the very foundation of a country that shows it cares, even though we as a nation don't avail ourselves of the 'vote'. PS. I do occasionally like a nice farm house loaf (unsliced) with lashings of butter on it,:yes: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  24. Guest

    are we doing the right thing?

    can anyone please help or give us any advice? I am 35 and have a HND and ONC in plumbing and mechanical engineering, i have owned my own plumbing company in spain for almost 7 years but recently took time out to work overseas, i came back to work for the company 6 months ago. I am due to get married in July, my partner is 25 and has GCSE's and a NVQ in business administration, we have 2 boys aged 4 and 2 and are considering re-locating to OZ. My sister has lived in Oz for 4 years and is now an aussie citizen, she is also a fully qualified nurse and is willing to sponsor us, at the moment she lives in Brissie but is considering a move to Camberra. We have sat and discussed this and it is what we want to do and we are prepared to take the plung and give up everything to move to Oz, the only issues that we have at the moment are. What is the education system like? at the moment we pay 15k a year for the boys to go to private nursery but will be willing to put them in state school. and My parents are also wanting to locate what is the best visa option for them to go for, my father is 57 and in good health he co-owns the plumbing business with me, my mother 56 has diabetes, high bood pressure and a thyriod problem as well as arthritus in the knee would this be a major problem? she is on permanat medication, employment wise she is a qualified chef...... what would be the best way of getting them to OZ with us? can anyone help?:biggrin:
  25. Guest

    Let's Get One Thing Clear

    Brisbane is not Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. I'm constantly seeing reccie and immigration reports headed "Brisbane" and on reading the reports, folk are going to Helensvale, Surfers, Coomera, Caloundra etc. I don't know whether to feel sorry for them, or whether they know that the locations are poles apart? It's a fair commute, and facilities, opportunities etc, are entirely different. Brisbane is an entirely different ball game compared to the above, so do your homework or you may be driving for hours, heading to your place of work etc. kev