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Where to Start?

Guest nigel9097

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Guest nigel9097



My dream is to move to and work in Australia. I am currently a BT Telecomms Engineer working on optic fibre.


I am married have two children one currently at uni and one about to study in the sixth form in the UK.


The kids are really keen on the idea and the wife is too. Just started looking in to it and was interested to know if anyone had any pointers where to start.


Whats the chances of getting work in Australia? and can anybody recommend any agents that will help in the UK?





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Guest siamsusie

Hi Nigel


Welcome to Poms In Oz.


I am enclosing a couple of links ....http://www.alljobs.com.au/find/fibre+optic+jobs+in+australia






Also you could try ..for an assessment..





I recommend that you use only Mara registered agents.


Any idea which state you would like to reside in?



Best wishes


Susie x

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Guest Dirk Diggler

Reckon you'd find yourself a gig on the National Broadband rollout. HQ is in North Sydney. Suggest you go direct, as recruiters here aren't often much help unless you tick ALL the boxes (ie. have PR/citizenship, local experience, and top-of-class qualifications). Employers see recruiters as expensive, unless they bring them someone they couldn't have found otherwise. Safest bet is therefore going direct.


A 457 visa is a good way to test Aus out while benefiting from paying a reduced tax bill. Not all employers will sponsor you however. Tends to be bigger outfits, but it's something you'd have to discuss.

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Guest Scotinaus

http://Www.immigration.gov.au is a good place to start to see if your occupation is one in the skills list.


You don't always need an agent and will save money if you don't use one. It depends on the type if visa and complexity of your situation though.


Good luck! I recommend Melbourne :)

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