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Buying camper van to travel for a few months

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Hi - just registered & first time forumer


We've just submitted TRA so are still at early days stage yet but are hoping (so long as we are accepted - fingers & everything else crossed) to take kids (7.5 & 8.5 at moment) out of school for 4/5 months and travel round Oz in camper van to have good time out break, spend time with kids after working far too hard since they were born & decide where would be a good place for us to settle job & home wise. (hubbie is brickie & I want to be stayhome mum with maybe a little casual or temping work during term times).


We are thinking about buying 2nd hand camper that we could then re-sell at the end of our travels.


Could anyone offer any advice - does/don'ts - or we're just completely mad and shouldn't even think of this.



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