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Found 36 results

  1. Hi guys, I am travelling to Australia in a few months and I want to buy a van to travel around the country. I´ve been looking online and came across a great guide about buying a van in Australia. It seems very straightforward, however I would love to here some first hand experiences. Where can you find a van? How easy is it to sell the van after the trip? Should I rent or buy? My first stop is Sydney. I realy hope you can give me some advise. Cheers, Jos
  2. Evening all, My girlfriend and I will be arriving in Perth next Thursday after the last 3 months in Asia. We are originally from Glasgow though. We have done a fair bit of research into the job market and such like but there is only soo much you can do reading articles etc so thought we would ask for some advice. My partner works as a Child Development officer in an additional needs school and I have started working on my ACCA accountancy quals after University. We would need to do something for the 2nd year visa however, and originally we were looking into farming, pearling, fishing, mines etc. I realise the downturn in the mining industry will probably mean it would be a waste of time chasing something like that. But out of the rest be it fruit picking, station hand or likewise which of the jobs available pay the most? What areas should we head too to find the jobs(also any contacts would be appreciated). Also, could anyone recommend any good companies that sell vans, either already campers or something we can convert. Would be looking for diesel and ideally something transit like. Lastly, any games of five a side football(soccer) available? Been chocking for a game since we left Glasgow. Answers on a postcard and thanks in advance. Gordon
  3. Guest

    European Van Lines

    Hi, I was just reading a forum post which says EVL have gone into liquidation. I had seen them at the end of March and they picked up my boxes to move from UK to Oz. I am now in Oz and today got a bounced email from them. I am now worried about my goods, does anyone have any advice for me. I have emailed bar.co.uk but is there anything else I can do? Greg
  4. Mr Fabricator

    where to buy a camper van ???

    Sorry for posting this in this section but couldnt find a general discussion section , When i arive in oz ( perth or darwin most probably ) i'll be looking for a camper van , 3 - 5 berth . apart from free adds and the like does anyone know of any proper showrooms , yards that specialise in campers , possibly got upto £40000 AUD and id rather get something thats going to take me on my travels and be home for upto a year rather than a 3K shed that'll fall to pieces in less than a month , thanks in advance , lee
  5. I think it was even an old Transit - must have driven overland from UK? I've seen ice-cream vans around the 'burbs but usually they sell in bulk not by the cone (99?) He got a few customers too - but more 'groovy inner city types' than 'kiddie kids.'
  6. Hi all, Hoping to move to Perth soon, i'm a self employed Plumber and wondered wheather l should import my van over there, its a Vauxhall Vivaro and worth around £3,500, immaculate and very reliable . Had alook at car sales in perth and Vauxhall seem's to be quite rare, would it be cost effective to import or buy once over there, can you get Vauxhall parts over there? I appreciate your time in answering this question. Many thanks.
  7. Guest

    Ute or van leasing.

    Hi we are going to Perth in September and my O/H is a brickie and we need to know any info about van or ute lease in Perth any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou.:confused:
  8. The last 5/6days of our reccie we were going to go up to Cairns from Sydney for a break and to see the Reef. I've tried finding a holiday, but aren't having any luck.........can't seem to find the right websites to search, and have thought about hiring a camper van and driving up, along the coast. What do you think? and where do I lokk for van hire or holidays, do you need to book in camp sites? thanks Cal
  9. Hi! Me and my boyfriend are flying to Melbourne in January. We were looking for cheap short term accommodation for the first while until we find our feet but it seems so expensive. As an alternative idea we were wondering if it would be feasible to rent a camper for a while when we arrive, meaning we have the option to sleep and travel in it. Does anyone have any advice on this dilemma? Thanks for any help, Laura and Barney x
  10. Hi, We are trying to figure out how much it will cost to ship our VW Transporter. We can find prices for shipping but no prices for fumigation or re-registration. Has anyone shipped their vehicle and can shed some light on the costs involved? Many thanks Anja
  11. Just looking on their website...all sounds fab...but has anyone used 'European Van Lines International Ltd' removal company??!! I like to go on advice...not just what their website says. :huh: Thanks in advance Jenny
  12. Guest

    Shipping Van to Oz

    Hi, We are trying to figure out how much it will cost to ship our VW Transporter. We can find prices for shipping but no prices for fumigation or re-registration. Has anyone shipped their vehicle and can shed some light on the costs involved? Many thanks Anja
  13. marco&kaza

    shipping a van

    Hi to all at pomsinoz Has anybody ever shipped a van over to oz on a roll on roll off .If so can you put items inside such as tools & white goods ? Has anyone shipped a vehicle to oz & did it go ok & was it worth it ?? cheers mark :mask:
  14. I'm one of these people who hates loans but i keep doing the maths and it seems like a good idea!! Am thinking of getting $12000 loan to buy a cheap campervan. over 7 years its $53 per week I've justified this in my head by.... The savings on fuel between the camper and my car will be at least $30 per week The saving whilst tarveling will be between $50 - 300 per week I can always sell the camper and pay the loan off and i'd be sure to have good fully comp insurance incase of accidents. Whats peoples thoughts? i'm really stupidly indecisive lol The other option is sell my car, buy a cheap car like a barina and camp when travelling in the future and be debt free.?
  15. cartertucker

    Camper van rental ~ Please recommend

    Hi, We are going on a reccie to Western Australia in March & I need a camper van rental I have 'googled' & found lots :confused: but would prefer a word of mouth recommendation Can anyone please recommend me a company? :wink:
  16. hi just wondering if anyone has ever brought over a van? how much did it cost to ship and what company did you use, i have heard about a permit that we need to bring it here, if anyone has done this before i would appreciate any advice. thanks a mill
  17. Hey all ! im finding it very hard to get info on how to get a import permit for a VAN! i've looked through the import permit application & cant find the category a van would fall under! there is tailors, rally cars, etc & then "personal import" but im told i cant take a van over on a personal import, cars only... I've had the van for 2 years before i came over & can prove it! if anyone who has imported a van here can shed any light on this it would be very much appreciated. cheers!!
  18. mporting my van with my tools and clothes etc inside? Hi there, great forum I've been reading through a few threads which have been very informative, but i have a specific question. i would like to export my 2004 Ford Transit Connect SWB ( value £3500 ) from England to Aus with my work tools and my clothes, computer, books etc inside the van. My thinking is that i can turn up in Aus with everything i need to live and start work. I know about the modifications that may be necessary to the van and the cleaning of the tools etc and i'm not bothered if it costs me as much as buying the van in Aus So my question is, am i allowed to put my belongings in the van ( in crates ) and export it? Connect's seem rare in Aus and i think it would be unique and eyecatching once sign written plus it's a diesel ( most vans are petrol in Aus ) so would be much better on fuel, also commercial vehicles only attract 5% tax or so i'm led to believe A good plan? Or not? It doesn't have aircon but my mates car doesn't either and he lives in Sydney. Thanks, Aaron.
  19. Guest

    Bringing our van???

    We are trying to sort out the cost and what would be involved in bringing our van to Perth. Has anyone brought cars or vans and know the procedure? Our van is about £18-19.000 here in the Uk and an equivalent in Perth is around $80-90.000 from what we can see on traders pages. Many thanks for any advice
  20. Hi We are thinking of investing in a motor home when we get to oz. I have been looking on the internet to find some for sale in oz but they seem quite expensive. There is a place in the UK which sells new 6 berth motor homes for around £33,000. Can I buy one in oz for that price. If not, has anyone any idea how much it would cost to transport one from the UK to oz? Thanks
  21. Guest

    Camper van hire!!

    Traveling in Aus from sept. Was thinking of hiring a camper for a few weeks. Anyone know of any good companies??? would like the cheapest but obviously want to make sure the company has full insurance that I'm not going to get hit with hidden costs!! Any tips would be great! Thanks,:biggrin:
  22. We leave for Sydney on a 457 on Monday. We are leaving everyone and everything we know behind. Excitement soon turns to stress and low mood.. We are all dreading the family "goodbyes" on Sunday. Any survival tips? Cheers Paul, Sally, Samuel and Rosanna
  23. Koala Chloe

    Which Camper Van company?

    Hi everyone Can anyone please advise which is the best camper van company to use in Australia? Should we go with one with a toilet, shower, and tv/dvd ie. a full spec campervan, or should we go for a more basic model without toilet, shower etc? Can anyone advise on the best campervan sites to stop at? ie Big4 or the free council sites? We are travelling from Brisbane to Adelaide over 3 weeks. We have done quite a bit of research, and wondered if it is worth trying to haggle the price down a bit? Has anyone done this and got a better deal? Thanks for any hints, tips and advice! KC :cool:
  24. so we are off xxx all flights are booked for 24th jan shippers coming in 18th 19th 20th yipppppppeeeeeand house rented fingers and toes crossed xxxxx another tick off my list today car has gone !!! werid !!! not even got my own car !! 2 young adult black cats next that know !!!!!!!! and no room anywhere !!!!! cant wait for furniture to go XXX to really go though house so the carpets are CLEANED !!!! for the new tennents xxx walls are all touched up with paint !!!!! just hope dont get snowed in xxx to rip up lists xxx 3 kids later are so excited to see daddy but sad to say good bye but no its farewells as we will be back for the PARTY !!! and CHILL or rather BOIL -5 to 45 STRESS i might be rocking in the corner xx until container arrives as long as it all fits in LOL xxx WHY DIDNT WE GO TO FRANCE OR SPAIN TRANSIT VAN AND CARAVAN AND KA ON BACK but i am geting there xx less than 2 weeks i hope its all done carole
  25. Hi All We are moving from Cairns and have the following for sale:- Holden Combo 1.6 SX 2003 1 previous owner Excellent condition only light use, 30,000k Milage white, side door, air con, full service history, 4-5 months warranty left. 10-11 months rego included. $11,995 Toyota Rav4 Crusier in white pearl 2.4 auto, 2009, new spec this year, bought brand new in May, only 1000k, Toyota 3 year warranty, 11 months rego included. Cost $43,000 new, Reluctant sale for $37,995. Tuscan cube table and chairs. table 1220 x 1220 x 750, 4 chairs, 4 stools, cream cushions on chairs and stools. Made from black plasic ratten (wicker look) 1 month old, rrp$3000 Will accept $1500. LG Fridge Freezer in brushed stainless steel Oversized doors, top and bottom (not side by side) Water dispenser (not plumbed in) 2 x Vegtable drawers. gr 559 cost $1700 take $1100 2 months old 2 year warranty LG front loading washing machine, 7kg, 1100 spin, model WD11020D cost $850 2 months old take $500 Weber Gas BBQ spirit.cost $800 2 months old take $500 Sharpe Carousel microwave, model R330, white. cost $170 2 months old take $80 Breville 4 slice toaster, crumpet and defrost setting, white. $30 Breville Stratus Kettle, 1.7 litre, cordless, white $15 for more info u can email me on dannys188@hotmail.com thanks:smile: