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Please any help would be fab

Guest smashey2006

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Guest smashey2006

Hiya, im new to this message board and would appreciate any help from anyone!

I have been wanting a permanent move to australia for like 6 yrs at least now. Ive done the whole working holiday visa and been a tourist many times.

Im not sure if i am ready to apply (emigrate or migrate or is that what birds do for the winter) (clearly i am a bright spark)

I am a pastry chef, with no qualifications just gcse's from school (good grades). But being a pastry chef i have moved from job to job, spending 6 months here and 8 months in the next job etc etc.

It says on the application for skilled workers form thingy, that to be a skilled worker (pastry chef) you need 6 yrs or it might be 4 yrs work experience.(cant quite remember)


All i want to know. Is can i add up my 6 months here and 8 months there, so it all adds up to 6/4 years. Or does it all need to be with one employer.

I am well confused and i dont really have the money to do this thru a migration agent so i am getting a mate to help me.

Pretty please does anyone know???

Any help would be great.

xx smashey

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Guest tiffinscott

Yes you can add up all your months and come up with the time they are asking for ie 4/6 years as although they were different employers it is still classed as experience

what you may find hard and daunting is the paper work you need to compile for the trades recognition you will have to get references from all you have worked for and have a run down as to what was involved with each employer.... it can be done as my husband had 20 odd years of experience and worked with many companies and he was able to achieve this but it is hard work and a lot of patience


I wish you well with your quest and do hope that I have not put you you off but once you have your Tra all the other parts for going for the visa is easy its just the waiting that is hard


Good Luck



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