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Found 17 results

  1. fossda

    Pio - fab

    I know its a cliche and its been said hundreds of times on here, but I just want to say such a huge thank you to everyone who contributes on here. I have been a member on here nearly 2 years and have learnt so much - basically from complete strangers who give up their time and post on here to help people achieve their dreams. Wow thats pretty amazing when you look at how much bad stuff goes on in the world!! anyway after 2 years of the process we have been granted our visa today. Its the most amazing feeling - maybe even more if its taken quite a struggle to get to this point ? I've been through - 'bullying' my manager to up my hours from 19.5 per week to 20hrs a week, waiting for a year to pass of working 20 hours a week, ANMC, IELTS, AHPRA nightmare, Feb 2010 changes, waiting for SMP's to come in, waiting 5 months for VIC to approve our SS, watching the $ go down and down, stressful medicals with youngest child etc etc. Well they all say good things come to those who wait !! and it does. I think we do appreciate it more because its been such a 'journey' Anyway, enough rambling (champagne induced) Thank you all Rachel x :notworthy:
  2. Wellers and Whitehead

    Fab book on Perth

    i saw on here few days ago, a fab book title for people wanting to find out about suburbs in Perth etc. It came higly recommended but cant find which thread it was on. Can you help? Going shopping soon and wanted to order it. Thanks Aymie
  3. Guest

    Wow what a fab day

    Hi all, We have had such a great day today, had a picnic in the park with all the 3 boys friend and parents, 28 kids mostly boy, we have played rounders, cricket, and football, all drunk good beer and pims, (yes that was just the adults ahah) and just had a fab time, Its all getiing so close and we are now dealing with the things ive been reading about for so long on this site and wow how hard is it to have these farewell parties, ive been very good and only had a few near crying epesods, im sure they will come at the end of term, in the playground i will be a mess. Ok just needed to tell a few people who understand what we are doing and why. Cheers all Tracey (3 weeks and 2 days till lift off)
  4. Hi all, just wanted to share with you this site that I have just found by accident!! Its called working abroad virtual expo (link below) I've only had a quick browse but it looks pretty much like a one-stop-shop as it has all sorts of links to various other sites. although the title inferes that the site is only about work it seems much more than that with all the other links to things like education, banking etc. I haven't had chance to take part in any of the live chats but there appears to be certain times of the day when you can speak to representatives from a variety of different organisations. Working Abroad Virtual Expo | Emigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand | Working Holidays | Volunteering and more. You need to register a few details which takes just a few minutes and then complete a 'compatability test' which just asks you a few more details about any specific information you may be looking for. Hope you find it useful :idea: Tracy
  5. The Fab Four tribute band are playing in Star City and a few of the Everton Supporters Club are going along with of course non ESCA members on Friday 19th Feb. Anyone fancy it just let us know and I'll let you know where we're having drinks before and after. Lee.
  6. If you have read my last few posts, you will be aware of our present dilema! Just look at the link below, You see I wonder once we go home just to sell our house will we fall in love again with "HOME" and "ALL IT HAS TO OFFER" and want to stay in BLIGHTY???? Ehhhh No!!!!!!! So Blissfull, So fabulous, Everything my Grandparents fought so hard for. God bless em, CLICK THE LINK BELOW http://ajanlo.kapu.hu/pics.php?d=cardiff
  7. Hi all! having read some of the horror stories on here about hairdressers, I must say I have been extremely lucky!! The first hairdresser I tried, is the best haircut I have ever had and not too expensive. I got a free hair treatment and was actually escorted to my car with an assistant holding an umberella as it was raining!! I felt like royalty. Ali was trained in the UK and is now involved with training here in Oz. They are all so friendly in the salon. Give them a try and tell her she has been recommended on PomsInoZ! 'Hair on the Park' in Nerang is the name of the salon, tel no 55965722. Happy pampering, Gaynor.x
  8. Guest

    oz is fab

    wow... Australia is just the best country in the world ! As you all prob kno i have started school now and it is fab ! i have made loads of mates and my new mate Brooke had her 12 th party last night , it was fab 5pm-9pm a disco at her house with a dj and everything !!!!!!! hope your all doing great !! love courtney...x:jiggy:
  9. Hi all, Well as most of you probably read from a previous thread I so happily put on last Friday that we had our visas granted, well this Wednesday 4th March I sent all the passports to London to get the visas put in and could not believe it when the door bell rang this morning and the postie told me I had a special delivery to sign for, I was so excited and even told him what was going to be inside it, so I rushed in and opened it and let our daughters see their passports with the visa inside, well they screamed, it was quite emotional, just a shame Tam had gone to work already to share the experience, but they phoned him and screamed down the phone, so they asked if they could take them to school and nursery to show their teachers and class, and with the oldest being so up and down about going I agreed but have spoken to the school and they are going back to the office once they have been shown in class (don't want them lost now, not after 2 years of waiting!!!), any way, can not believe the quick turnaround, sent away Wednesday, got back Friday and they look totally Fab!!!! Thanks again to everyone who listened to us and helped us on our emotional rollercoaster ride, you have been a huge support to us(Gill/Gollywobbler), especially Cheryl Bird our agent:jiggy: Take care. Andi. xx
  10. Guest

    Perth is fab

    All those negative posts from Earlswood and the like had me worrying as I've only been to Queensland and Sydney before, so Perth was a bit of a gamble for us. However, we arrived 2 days ago and are already smitten! It's been raining a lot but we don't care. The beaches are stunning and at least it's not cold. I'm so glad to be out of the UK November grey! Will keep you all posted:jiggy:
  11. hi guy's as the title say's having a great time arrived at 1.30 am mon drove to the house and went straight to bed, god the flight was long but very well looked after could not fault them flew with singapore airlines. as having bad back reguested a good seat which i got and once landed at singapore there was a wheelchair waiting for me and they whisked us straight to the next flight. even when got to perth the same again straight through custom's told them brought food and said ok everyone so friendly. went to perth zoo yesturday that was so nice animals well looked after which is nice to see, also when we went to catch the train in the morning there was a chap who worked there asked if we were ok needed any help, just told him going perth for the day and told us to come with him he went into a room then came out with a ticket for free train rides all day anywhere and to also us it on the different buses and ferry boats which was so nice, everyone is so friendly either waving or just saying hello as you walk past just feels so alien as no one does this back home................ will post some pics when i get back as tried but very slow have managed to put a few on facebook. will post again soon as so much to write :biglaugh:, going to freemantle for the day tomorrow oh yea been very hot today dont want to go home :no: ttfn julie xx
  12. Hi I have got a fab 4x2 house to rent - long term or short term (min 3 weeks) as from Feb 2009. House located NOR, Woodvale, Perth. Great suburb, great schools, both primary and senior. Within walking distance to local shops and pub (5 mins!!) :biglaugh: Check out the link below - it is currently on the market but now going to put it out for rental- holiday or long term. Open2view - Property ID# 74646
  13. Guest

    Fab rentals!

    Well this is a long time overdue but I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU and give them a bit of low key ADVERTISING!!! to John and Eve of Emi-great. We organised short term furnished rental with the sponsoring company through Emi greats web site but didn't know anything else about them and we have felt really lucky that we found out about them. They advertise their furnished accommodation but what they don't tell you about is the genuine concern for you. We arrived and did have the option to be collected from the airport from them, although the company wanted to, but knowing that somebody could be there to take you to the rental is a massive help with everything else there is to think about before you leave. They did arrange a car to be there ready for us on the drive when we reached the rental and we kept the car hire for the first few weeks so we could have a really good look around before we bought our own car and you don't pay for it until you hand it back which is good if you are waiting for money to transfer over. Even before we left the uk we felt looked after as they were chatting on the phone to our sponsoring company making arrangements. Once in the rental Eve would ring during the week to see if we were all ok and see if we needed anything which was soooooooooooo good when there was just the 4 of us and nobody else there to go to to ask questions if we needed to. To me it just felt really reassuring that in a strange country we had at least 1 phone number we knew and we knew we had somebody to contact to help us if we needed it. You can pay for internet and phone service in the properties and they will let you borrow a computer free of charge which was great for us so we could get in touch with family and friends the night we arrived and again is just so reassuring. Part of the service included in the price is also half a day to be driven around by John to see the local areas which goes by in a blur and doesn't seem to make sense at the time because you're getting over jet lag and all the areas blur into one!!! but over the next few days and weeks as we travelled around ourselves we remembered going to the places with John and it started to make more sense. So if anybody is looking for furnished accommodation when you first arrive I would definitely recommend Emi great because how many other rental companies become your friend and surrogate family when you really need it??? :notworthy::notworthy: Donna x
  14. Hi peeps. Sorry to post again but I'm sooooo excited. Went to see the Kidney stone man who remembers me from whenever. He was FAAAAB!!!!!!! He has given me the all clear. Dictated the letter while I was there. Said I was all clear and had been for three years so as far as he was concerned the subject was closed!!!!! He was lovely! Told me not to panic and was a total dream boat!!!!! He was soooo lovely to me. The first person who I actually could have kissed (in the medical side). He is going to send the letter to the panel doctor tomorrow !! I am so happy I can't tell you. Does this mean we might actually be able to start panning. My OH won't do anything until we get the visa! I'm sooo excited. I really hope this means that we stand a chance. Thanks guys for all your support!!! Love Vod
  15. Guest

    What a fab site!!!

    Have been looking through the site for the last few days. Will be able to use loads of hints and tips that I have picked up as I've been reading through. We are a regular family of 4, husband's a mechanic for Renault, I work in a bank and we have 2 girls (aged 9&7). We were lucky enough to visit Sydney and Brisbane in October and have fallen in love with the whole Aussie way of life and attitude. I need motivating!!!! I am in the middle of typing up my husbands skills and experiences for the TRA and am at page 50 (Oh my god!!), it's taking about 3 hours every night and I can only start once the kids have gone to bed. It's completely taken over my life. I know it will all be worth it but need to remind myself sometimes. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and any hints, tips, motivation etc will be greatfully received!! Thanks - Joanne
  16. The Broughtons

    Fab news

    It's not quite as exciting as being granted a visa like some of you other lucky people but I PASSED MY SKILLS ASSESSMENT AND CAN TEACH IN OZ!!!!!!!! This means we can now apply for our 136 visa and the long and tedious task of waiting in a queue begins - Whoo hoo we can't wait. Just wanted to share this with you guys and wish all of those of you who have been granted a visa recently the very best of luck :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Guest

    Please any help would be fab

    Hiya, im new to this message board and would appreciate any help from anyone! I have been wanting a permanent move to australia for like 6 yrs at least now. Ive done the whole working holiday visa and been a tourist many times. Im not sure if i am ready to apply (emigrate or migrate or is that what birds do for the winter) (clearly i am a bright spark) I am a pastry chef, with no qualifications just gcse's from school (good grades). But being a pastry chef i have moved from job to job, spending 6 months here and 8 months in the next job etc etc. It says on the application for skilled workers form thingy, that to be a skilled worker (pastry chef) you need 6 yrs or it might be 4 yrs work experience.(cant quite remember) All i want to know. Is can i add up my 6 months here and 8 months there, so it all adds up to 6/4 years. Or does it all need to be with one employer. I am well confused and i dont really have the money to do this thru a migration agent so i am getting a mate to help me. Pretty please does anyone know??? Any help would be great. xx smashey