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A few questions

Guest Steaminphillybeamin

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Guest Steaminphillybeamin

Hi, I am currentley serving my time as an electrician and my girlfriend is in her 2nd year of a Sports science degree, now we both have our hearts set on Moving to Australia in roughly 2-3 years, when i will be fully qualified and she will have her degree.

A few things,


How much money would we need to come over with?


Obviously with being young we wont have any property to seel for big money so is it possible for us to rent and then maybe get a mortgage or do we need to become Valid Australian citizens?


How would my girlfriends student debt affect us, could she pay it off over there?


And, finally, how likely is it for me to get a job over there as say, a 24 year old spark with 5 years experience including my Apprenticeship?


Any Help would be very much appreciated.




P.s I have put this post on another forum, but purely as i dont no where it should go!

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Guest rugbycol


Have done a lot of research and i am an electrician myself.As far as i'm aware you need at least 7 years experience which includes your time as an apprentice and the remaining 3 years on the job.

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Guest yvetteb1

hi phil, my husband will be going over with a student debt too, but as he has been working for 2 years now and they have not noticed we we planning to bugger off and let them find us if they can, then we will pay it off!!

we are also going without and funds from a house sale as we only rent here. as far as we can find out once you have a perm residency visa and a steady job they will give you a mortgage after a year depending on how much deposit you can put down.

yvette and simon (expecting visas any day now!!)

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