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    Guest kazzy01



    I've just returned from a trip to Oz which I loved. Unfortunately I am too old to qualify for a working holiday visa, but due to my profession have enough points to apply for permanent residency.


    I was all up for this until I read about RRV's which it states will only be granted after you have been in Oz for 2 years. At this stage, I want the opportunity to go out to Oz and travel some more and if I need to work to earn my way, then having the residency will allow me to do that.


    I am not 100% sure I want to live in Oz permanently, but just want to see how I get on out there. Is it true that you can only get the RRV after being there for 2 years ? What do people do who move out there and want to go on holiday in NZ for example? Does this mean they can't go out of Australia for 2 years once there?


    If anyone can clarify this it would be really useful!

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    Guest cappy

    That's a good question. I've got a meeting my our agency a week on Friday (29th) and will ask him and post what he says.



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    Hi There,

    after just recieving my PR letter the other week there. It does say that to get citezenship you must spend two years out of the first five to be eligible as the PR visa has a 5 year vailidity. You must also spend the year before you apply for citeaen ship there. Hope this makes sense. I'm in a rush cos my lunch breaks just finished!


    TackleBox - Fishing Australia stuff.

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    Guest Bet

    Yeah I am lead to believe the same as Tim, we have got or visa agreed and plan to arrive in Auz Jan 06 and must live in Auz for atleast 2 years prior to application for our citizenship.

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        Hello, my PR189 will expire in 1 year and I have not made the move yet. I would like to extend the expiry date. Anyone can advise how to proceed? I have only personal reasons for delaying the move. 
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        Hi All, we are just completing an RRV as we would like to travel on holiday whilst waiting for Citizenship.
        Form 1085 is pretty straightforward but do we read it that if we confirm in Q29 ( that we resided in Aus for more that 2 years in the last 5) then we go straight to section C and do not complete Questions 30 and onwards ?
        It should be straightforward as we have lived and worked in Aus as PR for five years, but our visa expired last October and we didn't expect the Citizenship application to take so long. 
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        My partner and I, aged 33 and 29, are originally from the UK and Ireland and have been living in Australia for 4 years. We have recently been granted Permanent Residency in July 2017. 
        We saw this visa as a stepping stone to citizenship, which would then give us the flexibility between UK / Ireland and Australia. The complication for us is the recent change from 2 years to 4 years to apply for citizenship, as we wanted to spend few years back in UK / Ireland to get married and spend time with friends and family.    We currently believe we have two options: 1) leave in the next few months and return within the 5 year return visa 2) stay for the 4 years to get citizenship.    In order to help us make this decision, we are looking advice on our visa, the resident return visa and conditions for citizenship.    Specifically: Detail on how the resident return visa works within the permanent residency visa? Do we need to be living in Australia to extend PR / return visa beyond the first 5 years? Could we apply for extension from UK and then return after 6 - 8 years? If we left and didn't return within our visa conditions, is there any other way of returning to Australia later in life? (e.g. company sponsoring to bring me back over when I'm in mid 40's). Can anyone recommend a good immigration lawyer that won't charge a fortune for a 1hr consultancy? 
      • By chrisdarby
        I am 37 years old, I am a british citizen but i've had permanent residency in Australia since I was 8 years old, so going on 29 years now.
        I have a young daughter (6 years old) who is an australian citizen and currently living with her mother, my ex wife, also an australia citizen, in Perth WA.
        I also have both of my parents and all of my siblings living in Australia as either permanent residents or a couple that have now gotten their citizenship, I visit both them and my daughter regularly.
        In Feb 2013 I renewed my RRV for 5 years to travel to the UK, I travelled to the UK in May 2013, got offered a very good job, and am now living and working here, and currently earning more here than I can with the same type of work in Australia, coupled with lower cost of living allows me frequent trips back to Australia as well as being able to send over increased financial support to my daughter.
        Between then and now i've travelled back to Australia 5 times, and plan to continue to travel to Australia (Perth) at least twice a year to spend time with my daughter (she also visits the uk at least once a year with her mother) and to spend time with my parents and siblings in Adelaide.
        My current RRV is due to expire late February 2018.
        I have travel back to Australia planned in March/April 2018, after my RRV expires.
        My problem is this, I have no ‘immediate’ intention to return to australia to live as a resident within the next few years, due to my current employment, the pay of which I can't match in Australia (especially considering the low cost of living where i am now), and coupled with the fact that I am in a long term relationship here in the UK.
        I have been advised when calling the immigration dept that renewing my RRV annually is going to become more and more difficult with the immigration dept eventually (if not sooner) questioning if i have any intention to actually come back to live and then outright denying the RRV.
        Within the next 5-10 years (or longer) providing things continue as they have, i have no intention of working in Australia, claiming benefits, using medicare etc, but need access to see my daughter, so I don't need all the benefits that come with an RRV at the moment, but if things change either planned or due to unforeseen circumstances, I don’t want to be cut off from my daughter or the rest of my family, due to a visa issue.
        What are my options?  And what sort of costs are involved in ensuring that I can continue to legally visit my daughter in Australia up to 2-3 times a year.
        I currently intent to renew my RRV in January for 1 year, but my concern is what happens after that, what will happen if I have to switch to another visa (ETA or eVisitor) or something.
        I understand that ETA or eVisitor will allow me to visit for 12 months and stay up to 3 months at a time, but without the ability to work, etc which is absolutely fine at the moment, but if I do have to move back at some point either due to:
        a) Illness in my family in Adelaide or Perth
        b) issues with my daughter
        c) changes in circumstances in the UK
        d) something else.
        Will getting an ETA instead of RRV prevent me from getting another RRV in the future, I’ve had conflicting advice from two different people at Immigration and Border Control.
        Can anyone offer any insight?
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        Our PR visa expires next year. I would like to get my Visa extended for a few more years.
         What is the process and are the reasons to be very convincing for the DEBP ?