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New Year - New Start

Guest thepominlaw

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Guest thepominlaw



As they say a new year a new start. Today we intend to tell my parents and family that we have had enough of the UK and we wish to setup home in australia.


We know we have got a long way to go - with visas, selling our house, moving and all that but at least its something to look forward to!


A brief history of us is we have been married for 6 years, my wife is from Australia and i am the pom. Together we have a 5 year old child. Hopefully the spouse visa will not be too horrendious an experience and we will get through it without any battle scars.


I have a few concerns - my blood pressure (fine with treatment) and weight (20st) so i am not looking forward to any medicals. I really dont want to be refused as my wife really wants to return home.


The amount of things to do seems endless i just wish there was a list available that would make things a little easier.


A few questions maybe someone has the answers...


Is a migration agency worth the money?


We have a cat - what is the quarantine period / cost of shipment to Aus?


Our son is in reception (born early in september) at the moment. However in australia the school years run from january to december so will he have to go up or down a year when he arrives as he will just be 6 we are wondering what effect this will have on his education.


Thanks and a happy new year to you all.



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