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Guest jordan

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Hi my name is stacey.Me and my husband have decided that we would like to live in australia.I am a very safe person so for me this is a big adventure. Have been looking on the internet for sometime but it still does not answer many of our questions. Going to phone a agency to get the ball started. We are unsure where abouts to go, was thinking either Perth or Brisbane. My 3 children of 8 6 3 months will be coming aswell. My husband is a car paint sprayer dont know if there is a demand for his job or if the rate of pay is any good as i do not work and will be relying on my husbands wage. So much to find out. If anyone can help, will be very much appreciated, from a nervous but excited stacey :?


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Just to put you partly at ease, I'm a paint sprayer myself and am also looking to make the move to OZ.

Have a look at http://www.careerone.com.au/


Ther's loads of positions on there and vehicle painter is included on the Govt Skilled Occupation List.


Sorry I cant help with salary levels, although I have seen a position stating the wage as around Aus$ 43000 a year + bonus + O/T.


Good luck with your adventure

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Guest Neil Meadowcroft



This will be a life changing decision and one that cannot be taken lightly. We went to Australia last year for a holiday and fell in love, after about 6 months of talking and thinking we decided to go for it. The visa was sent in November so it's just a case of waiting.


We are going back again in December just to make sure that we are doing the right thing, i know that many people cannot afford to go out and "test" the water but this in my view is essential to make sure for definate. I'm still having doubts even now but than that is only normal given that your going outside of your comfort zone.


We dont have kids, but from visiting OZ i wouldnt think twice about taking children, the place is so safe. Granted you are going to get trouble like anywhere else but the level of crime and the nature that is now "common place" over here dosent seem to exsist. Its more geared towards the outdoor life and quality time.


You only get one chance in life so go for it, i've said that i would sooner regret going than not going.


All the very best with whatever you decide.

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Guest pommy in Queensland

Firstly I would chooe risbae. Have lived here for twenty years. My husband used to be a car spray painter and now runs a car yard in Brisbane. There is plenty of work in the car industry.

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Hi Stacey,


My husband is a paint sprayer and is being sponsored. We went to the skills expo in London where he handed out a few CV's. To our dismay he had a job offer two weeks later and has had further job offers since, so I would definately say there is work out there. He will be earning a similar rate of pay as what he is earning now and has been told there is plenty of overtime avaliable. If there are any more Skills expos I would recommend a visit as there is lots of useful information avaliable and people to ask any questions you may have. I have to say that it has been an emotional rollercoaster since he accepted the job and we told family and friends, although I know it will be worth it when we get there.

Best of luck with it.

Anita :D

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