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keep believing

Guest Greg

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Its easy to loose sight of your dream when you in the process of applying to move to Australia.

So much waiting, so many tests and forms to fill in!

So many people having heard you were planning to leave, 6 months later say to you "oh I thought you had gone already"

There is also the emotional stress, the possibility of leaving your loved ones behind. The worst of all.

It took my partner and I a year to get to lodgement, then we waited another 13 months before we were approved.

Then it took 6 months before we left, that was nearly 3 years ago now. I have no regrets at all, and we have had so many visitors, we just hope that in 2006, nobody comes over.

I said that I would just give it two years to get the passport then maybe go back, realistically that was never going to happen.

Australia and her lifestyle has given us more opportunity that we would everhave in the UK.

And the weather, fantastic!!!!!!!!!

So to all of you out there, Keep dreaming and dont give up.


P.S. Any one on the northern beaches like to surf or fish, send us a mail.

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Guest The Pom Queen

Eddie I think you have an error with your PC, it keeps finding old posts instead of the new ones:cool::tongue::laugh:

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Guest BrightonBoys

damn... makes mental note to look at dates before posting thanks....


thought it was odd he didnt want visitors in 2006!!

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