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How Much Longer

Guest Ozchick

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Guest Ozchick

Guys & Gals you have to help! :D


I'm climbing the walls here, in fact I'm probably going to blow up soon! My finger nails are no more, I'm sure my boss thinks I don't care anymore (well I spose that's true! :? ) and as for trying to concentrate on anything else..............

OK here is the issue!


We started our 136 skilled application in early 2004 and sent it to Adelaide in March 04.

We heard back from them at the end of March 05 asking for Meds & Police checks stating it must be back in Oz by May 23rd 05 which it was!

Now this is the bit where I need your help, as we heard that we should hear back roughly a month after that, but as yet nothing!


Is there anyone out there who can enlighten us? Has anyone heard about any delays? Does it usually take this long? Surely with them having all our info for weeks now, it's just a simple case of yes (please God ) or no (Please NO! ) Has anyone else out there heard back yet who applied at the same time as us?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


many thanks




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From the date of our medicals and up to date police checks being received in Auz we heard, Yes :P , roughly 4 weeks later.


Good luck I know how you feel everything seems to go into limbo whilst you wait, but hopefully not to long now, and you will be on your way.



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Guest ukmailserver



Your timeline was about the same as ours. We too were waiting and waiting. Last week we had enough and decided to email DIMIA. DIMIA do insist that you should not contact them to get an update on your application status.


We reluctantly emailed them last week only to discover that our application had been approved back in April. Our immigration agents had not passed on the information. GREAT. We've lost three months of planning and have to get our visa validated in Feb 2006.


GO ahead contact DIMIA via email. You might be suprised.


Good luck


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We have already got our visas, horah, think ours were quite quick as we had state sponsorship. We are headin down under end Jan 06, need to have our visas validated by 31/03/2006 - having a month in Thailand on route. :D:D:D

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Guest Andy Olds

My first entry so be gentle.


Are you talking about the skilled 136 visa application where you needed a Aus$100,000 bond. If so I'll get back to you with the saga.


cheers A

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