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Found 56 results

  1. reddebz

    Can no longer take my dog

    Just a quick one to get it of my chest. After doing our sums and having to reduce the price of our house we can no longer take our beloved family pet, Jaye. There have been lots of tears and trying to find ways of finding the £4k it costs to get her to Darwin but we cannot do it. The blue cross came round this week and registered her etc and we get to keep her here untill they rehome her which is great, but I really dont want to do it. She is such a part of the family, plays doctors with my son, sleeps on his bed with him and was my baby before he came along. The Blue cross said it may take longer to rehome her as she is 9 and people want younger dogs, I just hope and pray she gets a loving family where the kids will love and play with her and treat her as we have.:sad:
  2. Franklin

    Longer Bridging Visa B?

    Hello, Does anyone know if DIAC has updated their new policy by giving BVB maximum up to a year? I'm a bit skeptical about this. Lodged onshore June 2009, now group 5. They required us (onshore applicants) to stay in the country and then they encourage to stay out of the country. Anyone has thought on this? Thanks so much!
  3. HI! We submitted our defacto visa in Perth on 25th January 2011, around June 15th we got a call from Immigration recommending us to submit our Police Clearances and Medicals. We have finally got the medicals all completed and submitted them and clearances there last wednesday (13th July 2011). How long now should we have to wait for a final answer now? The fact that my partner hasn't worked now for 9 months is putting our financial situation in a pretty bad way, is it worth applying for financial hardship working rights? and how soon can they be approved if we go into immigration ourselves with all the info? Any info/advice would be extremely helpful :arghh:
  4. Guest

    too lonely to stay any longer.

    Thought id just vent on here, since you lot are probably the only people who will understand where im coming from. Ive been in oz 4 years now, had a great life to start with, loads of friends from the backpacking days, but now, after being stuck in a nightshift job with mostly none english speaking people for 3 years, i have only 1 friend left and find it impossible to make new friends. I live on chapel street in melbourne, and dont enjoy life, most people at work think i must have the best life. nope. so after 2 breakups with GF`s this year and having to go through that totally by myself, i booked a flight back to the uk for a holiday. I kind of forgot how many friends i had there and family made it such a nice trip home. its so easy to forget what its like to have friends who you have grown up with who GET you, who understand you and your sense of humour. If you have them here, dont take them for granted, they are the reason you are happy, and make the biggest difference to your life. So what am i doing now. well i returned on Sunday and decided its time to go. I love melbourne, and still tell everyone i meet thats its the greatest city on earth, an also that i really dislike england, but it doesnt make a difference, a place i love with no one, or a place i dislike with friends and family i love, easy choice. now i have to work out all the hows and whens of moving back.....stress stress stress!!! anyways, just had to write that down and thanks if you read it if you took the time. i guess some will identify with some of it.
  5. Hi all, i have just been told by diac that because qld gov didnt send my nomnation form to them or they have lost it that my sponsership for a 176 is invalid and i have now got to take the ielts test to get the additional points for a 175 !!!! Only took them 2 yrs to find that out !!!! Can anyone give me some advice on the test please, i have emailed my local centre but they are off until tuesday because of some wedding ???:biggrin: Any help would be welcome.
  6. Hello, My OH passed his AQF 111 in Engineering -Fabrication Trade on 09/03/11.:biggrin: We have an agent who said we must submit our TRA form ASAP in order to submit our 176 visa before the changes on 1st July 2011. It is rumoured that after this time an offshore AQF will no longer be recognised!:arghh: We completed and sent the TRA form to our agent, he received it on 27/03/11. The agent rang today, 30/03/11, to say that TRA are no longer proccessing my OH trade and that it has to be done by VETASSESS. Does anyone have confirmation of this? I have trawled the internet and cannot find any info relating to this change. My OH has his qualification, I thought VETASSESS assesssed unrecognised skills? The TRA fee was $300, VETASSESS will want around $2,000. :swoon:My OH will have to have an additional technical interview lasting around 2 hours, he already completed a 40 minute interview for the AQF 111. Can anyone help to clarify this situation? Have certain trades been moved from TRA to VETASSESS? or is our agent diddling us? If I had sent the TRA application myself, without an agent, it would have been there by now, would they have just sent it back?:realmad: I would be really grateful for any info on all of this mess.:notworthy:
  7. Guest

    How much longer!!

    Hi there our Medicals have been sent to Sydney today for processing which is great but does anyone have an idea what the time scale is for our visa to be finally issused? I feel like I'm going nut waiting :arghh:
  8. Guest

    Woohoo no longer Cat 4

    Well we have today received sponsorship from WA after we were not included on Qld SMP with sponsorship through them and we are well chuffed. I know there is a chance that things could change this year anyway in terms of SMPs and SOLs but we decided to take our life back in our hands and be pro-active. Thank you WA for giving us a chance :yes: Bring on the CO now Donna xxx
  9. Changes are being announced to the Skilled Occupation Lists with effect from 5 December: Schedule 2 SOL 1. Building and Engineering Technicians nec - 312999 - Engineers Australia has been added to Vetassess as an Assessing Authority. 2. Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor Mechanic (General) - 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Bricklayer – 331111 Plumber (General) – 334111 Schedule 3 SOL Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Schedule 4 SOL Occupations added: Chief Executive or Managing Director – 111111 [AIM 60 points] Advertising and Public Relations Manager – 131111 [AIM 60 points] Art Administrator or Manager – 139911 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Conference and Event Organiser – 149311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Liaison Officer – 224912 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Jewellery Designer – 232313 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Web Designer – 232414 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Food Technologist – 234212 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Biotechnologist – 234514 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Education Reviewer – 249112 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Network Administrator – 263112 [ACS – 60 points] ICT Systems Test Engineer – 263213 [ACS 60 points] Fisheries Inspector – 311311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Primary Products Inspector nec – 311399 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Fitter and Turner – 323212 [TRA – 60 points] Snowsport Instructor – 452314 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Occupation removed: :Medical Technicians nec – 311299 [Engineers Australia – 40 points] Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 See http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/all/whatsnew/01C71AD8B74B450ACA2577EC000576B4?OpenDocument&VIEWCAT=item&COUNT=999&START=1 Cheers, George Lombard
  10. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone has submitted a paper application for 457? I know online is prefered but my nomination is made by paper & I can't apply until nomination approval online... So I'm trying to decide if I should wait for approval (no one can tell how long it may be?) I was just thinking if nomination takes ages they might as well have my application to process as well?! I just wanted to see if anyone had a quickish turnaround with a paper app?? How many weeks behind an online app does a paper app take- any ideas or thoughts please??? Xxx
  11. We, like many people, were concerned about the time being taken for what was perceived to be delays due to Form 80 (routine, security, external) character checks - it's been almost 11 months since submission of our second Form 80 and Meds/PCCs (CO request) and since then we have heard nothing other than the routine/external processing line. We have seen many people contacting IGIS in the recent (and distant) past who have received information on whether/when a referral was passed to ASIO, whether there is any delay/if it is being correctly processed and an expression of when matters might be concluded (or not). We recently sent in a request for information and after a general email stating what IGIS would do, how they deal with issues, we then pressed further regarding the lack of specifics and were told: "Due to the large number of contacts from people seeking updates on visa processing, IGIS is no longer able to provide any information concerning the progress of a case. Please contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for information about the status of the visa application." It would appear that a rather large change in policy has taken place. We do not now know whether such checks are, or ever have been in progress, let alone concluded and whether the problem is at DIAC's end or not. If any of you are to write to IGIS subsequently, please let us know your experience as it does seem odd that everyone who wrote to them a week or so before us got a rather more detailed reply. Any advice here would be most appreciated.
  12. ozgooner

    how much longer!!!

    was very optimistic at end of last year now everything seems to be at a snail pace we are May '09 175 and all the processing seems to be very slow anyone got anything positive to say to make my bad day better please :sad:
  13. On status enquiry page it is showing Medicals finalised on 7th January 2011 but still no change as of today. Everything else is done just waiting for page to change to 176 Visa Approved. Obviously it is Australia Day tomorrow so they will be closed but has anyone had experiences of how long it takes once meds finalised. I know from reading other posts that this varies from 1 hour to 2 weeks but it will have been 3 weeks once they re-open after Australia Day. Not sure whether to check with them to see if anything is holding it up or just sight tight and be patient as we won't be moving to September anyway.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has heard when the Queensland smp will be up and running ?? Getting bored of waiting :arghh: Annette
  15. We are just about to submit my 457 visa and have a few bits of application we can't fill in! Firstly - proving our relationship! My OH and I have been together three years in January but we have been renting a house off family for the last two years so don't have a tenancy agreement. I have been advised to get a letter confirming that we have been living together as a couple since 31st Jan 09, explaining that no official tenancy agreement was set up as we are renting privately through family? We do have plenty of bills with both our names on them, a joint bank account and also documents for the two holidays we have been on together in the past three years.....will this be ok? Secondly - previous visas Both my OH and I have previously travelled around Australia (before we met) on Working Holiday Visas. I still have the same passport so have my visa details but my OH lost his so we no longer have his. I called the Australian Embassy today and they said to just write on application that he no longer has original passport with visa and to check electronic records? I am not confident that the visas were electronic then....he went out a year before me and I have a paper version in my passport? Anyone experienced anything like this? Is a Holiday Working Visa something they are that bothered about? It's becoming all so real now! Super excited!!
  16. Guest

    CASE OFFICER - how much longer?

    myself and my family are going to oz on a 121 rsms - employer nomination, my future boss has just informed us, he has been allocated a case officer who has asked him to provide a little more information,does this mean we also have a case officer? obviosly it would be silly to have one for him and one for us,has anyone else been here to advise timeline for RSMS 121 VISA CLASS received letter from diac to say they have recieved paper work - 15-06-2010 my future boss was allocated a CO 08-09-2010 any advise will be very grateful craig
  17. Hello - My partner is currently in Melbourne on a working holiday visa, which expires in November. We are planning to marry in August and apply onshore for him to migrate as my spouse. I called the national number yesterday to ask some questions about the application, and was told, by the by, that all applications of this sort had to be filed by post - that it was no longer possible to make an appointment or drop in to file applications in person. The person claimed to double check and said this was definitely correct for this application type. Is this correct? From past browsing of the forums, I had gotten the impression that it was possible to book an appointment or at least drop in when filing. I would prefer to lodge in person if possible, just so any obvious issues could be raised there and then... Many thanks all...
  18. Guest

    Child no longer " dependent"?

    Hi. When we applied for our visa last year, our 2 'children' were on the application. At the time our son was 18 and in full-time education (school) and waiting to start a 4 year honours degree. He has now just finished his 1st year so will still be dependent for the next 3 years. He is not wanting to emigrate with us. My 17 year old daughter however was in full-time education (school) when we lodged the visa but now works full time. She lives at home. Is she now not classed as a dependent, meaning that she can't emigrate with us? "Children are a great comfort in your old age - and they help you reach it faster, too."
  19. I've just been searching the Queensland government pages to see when I should apply for state sponsorship in my quest for a 176 SS visa and guess what..... As of halfway through Feb it would appear that electricians are no longer on the lists!!!! Great, I've got my skills test booked with vetassess for 14th June in the UK and it was my intention to apply for state sponsorship straight after that!! Is there any point me bothering??? any body know any more about this? In the UK I work as an electrical engineer (which is on the list) but I only have a HNC and no degree which makes it useless to me, I was trying to decide between doing my degree here before I went or doing it in Oz after I got there, I guess I dont have a choice any more thing is whos to say in 2 years time they wont have changed the list again?? How frustrating!!!!!!!:mad:
  20. Latest news regarding WA SS! "From 9 of March 2010, The State Migration Centre will no longer be able to accept or process sponsorship applications for off-list occupations for the Skilled Sponsored Visa. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) allocated 500 off-list places to Western Australia for the 2009/2010 Project Year and this quota has now been met. A quota of off-list places for the 2010/2011 project year is yet to be confirmed." State Migration Centre » Skilled Migration
  21. Hey there, I'm writing this on behalf of my girlfriend who is a pom on a 417WHV. The original intentions were for her to go home but she is having too much of a good time and wants to stay on! So... we are seeking help on what options we have to extend her stay in Australia. It's 2 months today until her visa expires. We are aware that to be eligible for the second WHV you need to do 3 months of regional work. We are willing to do this - will immigration grant us a briding visa to allow her to work the extra month? If they can't, what other options do we have? I know that we have left this really late but any help or advice will be much appreciated. Cheers. P.S. she wishes to continue to work in Australia while she remains in the country. P.P.S she is a qualified make up artist.
  22. Hi, I have been working for a company in Melbourne for just over 6 months. A short while ago, I was all set to apply for a 457 visa but decided that I could not commit to the company in the long term and so I have gave them my notice to resign. My problem is that I am in charge of an accounting project which had to be finished and I am the only one who could finish the task without delays to things being picked up again. If I do not complete the task, the chances of the company folding during 2010 are greatly increased and the idea of leaving the company in that situation, with my colleagues and friends at risk of losing their jobs, is not a pleasant one at all. I realise now that there is a chance I could've applied to stay in the job a short while longer but I did not know this at the time and I have broken the 6 months of my 417 visa. What problems is this likely to cause me? All I want to do is finish doing my part to help the company and change my direction in Oz and earn a 2nd year visa. Am I going to encounter problems on leaving the country? Am I likely to encounter problems whilst claiming my tax back? I was paid through an temp-agency from mid July to the end of August, before I was brought out and employed on a full-time basis directly by the company. I am currently working at the same place, but will be leaving within the week as the project is finished. Any advice or experiences from people in a similar situation, or from those knowledgeable on the subject would be much appreciated - the Australian immigration website (in my opinion) is fairly horrendous when it comes to looking for clear and complete information. Thanks!
  23. Hi every one, i'm sorry if I go on a bit, but I'm so fustrated! I am a registered nurse and applied for a 1 7 5 visa on the 07/04/09, i thought that we would probably have a visa by December after looking at this site and time lines. We were allocated a case officer on the 23/09/09, and found out by accident when I rang to check whether some docs had uploaded. When I told them I wasn't aware of this, I received a letter via email sent on behalf of the case officer (who works part time). The letter asked us to have the medicals and police cheks done, and complete form 80 for myself husband son and daughter, within 28 days ,which we did. Since then, and after several phone calls everything has been changed to met /finalised (on the 7th and 15th of december), except for the issue of dependence, and Form 47, for my son who is 23 and at university. I have submitted everything I can think of including the form in his support. It is here everything stops, I rang them before christmas and was told that everything is in place and I would hear in the new year! I rang again at the begining of last week and was told who knows when we would hear, and had everything been sent. I confirmed that it had been uploaded and was listed on the documents page. She also said she would send an email to the caseworker to see if she needed anything else! The additional dilemna is that my husband has the chance of a severance package from his work, but he has to give a final decision as to whether to accept it by the end of January. This could be a good financial cushion to us, as our 2 children would initailly stay in the uk to complete their university courses. On the flip side of this, if he accepts it and we don't get a visa he will have given up secure relatively well paid employment. This is so fustrating/ worrying /annoying. I just wish she would say yes or no. so we can get on with ou lives. Sorry about the rant but if anyone can give any advice as to what to do please reply!!. I don't know whether to ring again or email ,or will I just antagonise her!! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:arghh:
  24. Hey there, I'm brand new to this and I'm sure this will be the first of MANY posts!!! We have just started our application process to move down under - Having spoken to an agent I have been advised state sponsorship is the way to go...but having spoken to several people I am being led to believe that this can take a very long time - Actually holding off visas for 2 - 3 years before they can enter australia, as this is a gradual entry into the country ... can anyone confirm this or giveme any further information in regards to state sponsorship???
  25. Hi All like hundreds of others like myself, we are all waiting for THE MEETING to happen and give us a little more info, how horrible to have everything you have dreamed about for the past 2/3 years ripped away from you at the final stage, we were told a meeting is taking place end of oct, then i heard a date of 19th but nothing happened then, does anyone have any idea when it is happening or any news. we are on a ss non csl list (oh occuption got took off csl list) we had our medicals called upon by co and validated on the 22nd sept:arghh: