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Army Vehicle Mechanic.

Guest HCC

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I am currently serving in the British Army as a Vehicle Mechanic.

I would very much like to emigrate to Australia. Has anybody had any experience, or heard of anyone else who may have transferred to the Australian Army?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



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Guest Andy & Caz Blake


we're Army over in Germany and coming to the end of my 22 (18 months to do!) ... already sent off my paperwork to the Australian Army transfer office ... had them returned because I was a little too far away from my completion of service .. they advised me to resubmit when I have 12 months left ... toying with the idea of sending it back before then - very keen !!


How far into it are you ?

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Guest geordie cahill

Although not REME or a Machanic for that matter, I have done it 2 years ago, took me 18 months to get in although some have done it a lot quicker.


Didn't wait till 22, only did 19.


lots of Pros & Cons, it's nothing like the British Army.


any info i could give you would be slightly dated.


know a couple of Machanics here, Ivan Nichol, Paul Lewis.


best of luck with your enquiry.


Geordie Cahill Ex RLC



Enquiries to:


Transfers & Re-Enlistments, PM4


PO Box 225




Transitions Section


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