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Guest Dominic Wood

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Guest Dominic Wood

We're are hoping to be in Perth in the New Year. Can anyone tell us a bit about documentation that you need to take i.e:


I've been told that you need to have records of immunisation for the kids, for some schools. Do you need to take all your medical records with you and if so do you know how much it costs?


Also what about your credit rating. Does anyone know about this. How much it costs to obtain and from where and if you actually need it?


Finally, what about proof of car insurance and no claims bonus. Do you need to have copies of this to get cheaper car insurance.


Thanks and Good luck with everyone else applying to move.



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Hi Dom,


When you get to Perth you will have no credit rating, so I would take copies of your utility bills to use as evidence of good payment. Other things to take are references if you are intenting to rent a property as all the decent ones get snapped up straight away. Get your estate agent to write one for you.

Medical records from doctors I think the max charge is about £50 but some will give a copy of a print out which is free - ask for it.

Also same for dental records and if you wear glasses take a copy of your prescription.

Get proof of no claims bonus from your car insurance company.

Take the childrens red health record book, schools want to check they have been vaccinated.

Take school reports.

Also get your mobile phone unlocked then you can get an australian pay as you go sim card while you decide who to go with.


All the best, we hope to be in Perth by May, just waiting for med request.


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