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fibourous plasterer

Guest andyed

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:tonguexmas:Are fibourous plasterers/dryliners really on the skill shortage list? I have never seen a job advertised. Just wondering who should apply for the main job me or my oh as a nurse?



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Guest dannii28

Hi, me and my o/h have just applied for 175 visa he is a plasterer and has been for


7years, he passed his TRA and our visa has just been submitted couple of weeks ago.


Plastering is a skill listed as, in demand. To pass TRA you need to provide a lot of


evidence like NVQ or equivalent papers, references from employers from your first year


to date and you will need to complete a stat declaration.


I don't think it will make a difference who goes as main applicant if you have all the


evidence to support you skill as long as you have enough points.


hope this helps



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Guest tomatohead

hi andyed


fibrous plasterer in oz takes in suspended ceilings/partitions/drylining/fibrousplastering ( plaster coving ) everything that is considered interior systems here , i am a ceiling fixer and was going through on pathway D which was purely experience based so long as you could get employer references to cover 9 yrs of employment , an NVQ 2 would have been enough if the TRA had opened the MAP assessment but now they have`nt it means i will have to go for the AQF 111 assessment in the uk and apply through pathway E , im not sure which of you would be best to apply but someone on here will know , i hope this helps



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