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Found 72 results

  1. Ashleightaylor

    Work experience

    My partner worked in Australia for around 4 months, we know that we cannot claim points for Aussie work experience. But can that 4 months be added to overall work experience as plasterer? We have payslips from employer.
  2. Ashleightaylor

    Occupation ceilings

    I'm not sure if I'm being silly here lol, but can anyone advise us on what an occupation ceiling is? I'm a solid plasterer 333212. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am Max Konnov, a professional painter in Melbourne. I have my owned Plastering and Painting firm named with Konnstruct. Our team provides top quality plastering and painting service at best rates in Melbourne and its surrounding areas.
  4. Established and successful builders Chatsworth Constructions is looking for an experienced solid plasterer/renderer. Full time position. Must be reliable and hard working - good conditions and pay. Work at different locations across Melbourne's South east suburbs. Call Steve Forsythe 0423 534099 for more details. An apprentice renderer is also required.
  5. Bazfreaney

    Advice needed

    Hi, in brief me (37) and my wife (36) are desperate to make the move to austalia.. Most of out aunts, uncles and cousins are there and we spend 3- 4 weeks in Oz every 18months and feel it is a country we want to start a family. We are both successful in our careers as account managers and my wife is now in marketing. I was a plasterer 10 years ago until i moved into account management however i have continued plastering part time for the last 10 years to top up our income etc... yet have no qualifications in this. could I apply for a visa as a plasterer? If so how do I prove this? Would it be wort me getting some sort of qualification ? My wife is degree educated and works for heineken/fosters at management level i was just hoping someone with experience could give a brief answer as I seem to be getting lost in a world of different answers and agents who want a lot of money. any help would be gratefully appreciated baz
  6. stephaniepomroy

    migrant agent for 457 visa, Help!

    hello, my partner is currently on a WHV on gold coast, were now looking into using a agent to start our 457 process, now chris is a plasterer so we knew it would be hard to get a sponsor by ourself! i attended 'down under live' yesterday and got really useful info off a agent who is actually bases on the gold coast! she said we submitt chris's cv to them, they find him a sponsor who agrees to pay the $51000 a year, they do the visa application for us, altho all this was to cost $7500. its the first contact we have had with a agent as ye, but was wondering if anyone else used a agent to help with 457 and how much was it?
  7. stephaniepomroy

    Runaway Bay Jobs

    hello, my partner has just arrived in runaway bay! hes a plasterer and would love a little help if anyone nos any good companies/contractors willing to give him work.hes been there since sunday bt no luck as yet. thanx in advance x
  8. stephaniepomroy

    HELP!! Plastering? Mining? QLD

    Hello, my partner is coming out to QLD sept on a WHV, hes staying with a family friend whos lives in the runaway bay region! hes currently a plasterer here in the UK, with 9 years experience! we no that plastering isnt done the same out in Oz but where do we start? would he have to become a labourer to learn the new skills?? whats the average wage?? were also lookin into the mining industry but with no experiance how difficult can this be? iv read lots of positives and negatives online but could do with some helpfull advice!! our main aim is to obtain sponsorship so that myself and our kiddies we have together can join him out in Oz. are we asking to much?? and how hard can this really be? .. T.I.A X
  9. stephaniepomroy

    Taking work tools??

    hello, my partner is a plasterer and is coming to oz sept, was wondering if he was aloud to take work tools? (hawlk & trowel) silly question i no but dont fancy hefty fines at brisbane airport x
  10. hi im im a solid plasterer from leeds with nvq's levels 1&2. im moving to the goldcoast in january. im writing on here just to get an insight into how they go about solid plastering in the goldcoast and if there is much demand for plasteres in this area. ive been told everything is mainly tape an joint an no wet plaster at all except for rendering. if anyone could help that'd be great. or if anyone knows of someone setting on that would be better lol cheers. kieran
  11. dani5

    TRA plasterer help!

    My partner is a plasterer and started with a company in June 2007, he then completed his NVQ level 2 in July 2008 and apprenticeship in July 2009... We are applying for his skills assessment through TRA but are unsure of how detailed his job description needs to be as he has qualifications also. We have been told he needs to write a detailed description in the form of a statutory declaration and get it signed by a solicitor. He has written this and it is about 2 sides of A4... is this enough? any help would be much appreciated, thank you!! x
  12. Hi, Im a 24 year old irishman just arrived into Perth (2 weeks here). My girlfriend has already found employment in her chosen field, and Im looking to do the same! Im a fully qualified plasterer, and would appretiate it if anybody who reads here could point me in the right direction as to where I might find some work. I dont mind doing labour work if I cant get a job as a plasterer. Jamie
  13. Hi would just like a bit of information on how the Plastering trade is there ,Meds done and finalized just waiting on visa .Any info on were's busy would be great.
  14. Guest


    Hi, i am a qualified plasterer and renderer, i am moving to Perth in January and was just wandering if anybody has any idea on jobs for my skill out there, pay, hours and just any info really muchly appreciated
  15. Hi all, Not for me but a relative.... Has anyone recently done a skype interview and been asked to download the live meeting software? My brother in law is about to do the interview but not sure how it is going to feasible on the current contract he is working on, there is no internet access in the building as it is just a shell. How have people got around this??.... Thanks for any advice in advance
  16. Guest

    job for plasterer

    Hi guys, I'm Ed, I run a small carpentry and plastering business in the south east suburbs of Melbourne Victoria and I'm currently looking for a plasterer to do some part time work you must have experience in fitting cornice and stopping up. The job is available from 27th of April 2009 own tools and transport is essential, an A B N number is an advantage but not essential. If there is any one interested then please ring me on 0421 592 314
  17. Hi, Anybody know of any jobs available for a plasterer north Perth? We have permanent residency visas & we are due to fly out to Perth on 28th June. We are staying in Mindarie. My husband has been a solid plasterer for 8 years & is City & Guilds qualified. He has also passed an AQF III with WA Master Builders. My husband is 32. I am also going to be looking for work, I have 10 years experience in admin as a Civil Servant I understand that I cant work for the Australian public service until I become a citizen so I would like to work in general admin. I have 2 children so I would need to work around the school times 2 or 3 days a week. I am 27.:jiggy: It would be great to have interviews planned for when we arrive. Thanks Hayley
  18. baz6679


    Hi Going to Perth in August. Anyone on here currently in Perth Plastering. Have all the relevant Australian papers. Would love a chat with someone who is there at the minute who could give an honest and practical insight into a few different minor questions I have. Much Obliged:biggrin:
  19. My OH is an experianced plasterer over here on Oxfordshire, will he need any specific documents etc to get work in Oz? We are going on my visa (midwife) so he's not needed to do anything to get to Oz. Keep hearing about Vetasses for people to get a visa, he hasn't NEEDED to do this but should he? or is it something we should look into once in Oz. Thanks Sam
  20. Hi all! I'm just getting started really and I just passed the skills test and now I'm waiting for a consultant to call me. Has anyone just been through this? If so I was hoping for a heads up on what to expect. I passed for a 176 visa, are these easy to get hold of? Any and all help would be very greatfully recieved!
  21. Hi guys, Does anyone know the likelihood of getting an employer sponsorship for my husband who is a plasterer? We could apply for SS but was thinking that employer sponsored would be great so then at least he has a job out of both of us. He has an NVQ2 and we are contacting ASA this week to do AQFiii assessment. He is an amazing plasterer and he is highly recommended where we live in the UK. He is also a trained marble/polished plasterer and polished cement applicator so thatay be of interest to some companies. We are desperate to get out there and start our new lives, we have 3 children and we think the lifestyle would be great for them along with some great education providers. Thanks in anticipation Holly xx
  22. hi there just arrived in oz and currently staying north of brisbane, wondered if there was anyone out there that could give me a few pointers on where to start . we are willing to move to maybe adalaide or perth if the right job comes available any advise would be most grateful thanks paul & helen
  23. mikeg7099

    no proof of work

    I want to apply for a 457 visa to Oz. I have 25 years experience as a Plasterer/Dryliner. My problem is that for the last two years I've been working for cash and have no proof of earnings. What documentation will they be looking for and is there a way around it? Thanks.
  24. Hi my name is Alex. Can anyone help me please with my question. I live in Ireland for 10 years and working as fibrous plasterer all this time. What qualification do I need to pass skill assessment in this occupation? How can I prove it? Looking forward for your answer. Thank you.
  25. I m a 5 year experienced & NVQ level 2 qualified plasterer wanting to move from UK to Aus , can anyone on here help me out ? need as much info & contacts as possible.