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Where do i start..

Guest oOkayOo

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Guest oOkayOo

:wink: Hi


We are looking to move to australia.

Ill start with giving some info about us and wonder if anyone can tell me what i need to do.


Im an Australian as is my oldest daughter Carly (3) , my partner and i travelled to Aus in 2005 ( Partner was on a work visa) this is where i had my daughter and this is when we decided we wanted to move.

After a year came back to England to start living together to gather proof for a spouse visa.

I have been with my Partner for 5 and a half years and now have a second child. All of my family ( dad, grandparents,aunts ect ect) live in Australia aswell, In cairns to be exact.


What i want to know is what exactly does my Partner need to have to prove we are together? How long will the process take? Also around how much is it going to cost above the visa cost?

I have also heared once you have got the visa that you have a time limit to go to Australia?


Thanks in advance :)

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Guest JoanneHattersley

G`Day, I dont know much about the things that you need to know so I will leave that to the agents and Gill (Gollywobbler) to answer that for you. They have more knowledge than me!!

Welcome to PIO! We are a mad old place but we are good and friendly!


Ask anything, anytime!

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