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Guest Mors

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Hi All


I am a bit confused about whether I can actually apply for my CPV here in the UK and then apply for a student visa and go out and spend my time in Oz until I get the CPV - is that acceptable by Australian Immi? I know we would need to leave Australia to have the visa validated, but it does mean we could be spending time with our daughter until everything is cleared.


I think I am going to spend today reading this thread from beginning to end - that should give me lots of info :idea:, however would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction on the immi website to where it says I can do this?

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Guest JoanneHattersley

Dear Mors,


I moved your post so that your questions will get picked up and not buried in the other thread!


Welcome to PIO! Looks like you have started thinking about your prospective plans.


We would need to know a bit more about your circumstances before we can really get into the nuts and bolts of everything. Do you meet the Balance of Family test? How many children have you got and where do they reside?


Im sure that Gollywobbler will pick this up. She got a CPV for her mother and is quite knowledgable on it.

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Hi, thanks for your very speedy reply! I have been speaking to Gill on various subjects already. We are fine with the requirements for the CPV and are in the process of completing the forms (which we are doing ourselves - any advice on that would be welcomed). However, we really don't want to wait until it is processed before we head over, so we wanted to go out on a Student visa, which would allow us to work etc. However, my daughter does not think we would be allowed to do that. I will have a good look around today to see what I can find out... don't want to get to Oz and get turned back ... aarrgghhh!

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Guest JoanneHattersley

G`Day!!!! I was speedy wasnt I!! LOL!


Im really not sure about the student VISA thing. Gill or Alan Collett would be able to tell you.


My parents recently got here after getting their CPV. Their timescale was

Jan 07 application in

Feb 07 Acknowledged

OCt 07 Case officer (I think)

Nov 07 Medicals

Dec 07 AOS in place

Jan 08 - Just as they were due to get the VISA the hold went on them.

July 08 - VISA

Oct 08 - They arrived and exactly one month later moved into their new home!


I think the current timescale is about 17 months. If I can ever help please PM me. My Mum is CazBeckham on here. You can always PM her and she will help you in any way she can too.

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Mors


Yes - it is definitely do-able. Australian Immi are quite content with the idea. The Student Visa is a valid visa and there is no upper age limit on studying in Oz.


What I do not know is the ins and outs of what sort of course you have to study in order to be eligible for the Student Visa and I also don't know which Student visa you need. Since you do not need to study as part of a pathway to skilled Permanent Residency, you should be able to study whatever you like.


I've tried to make enquiries about the study element of this in the past but without success. Personally I have never been able to get the CRICOS website to tell me a thing - I don't know how to search it properly. I'm told that the Education Agents would not be interested in the query because they make their money out of the commissions that the colleges pay them for arranging courses like Cookery or Hairdressing for people who will use the course as a springboard for skilled migration after completion of the course.


But in your case it should be possible to study Origami if you prefer and this is the bit I have not been able to find out about.


George Lombard in Sydney has arranged Student Visas for prospective Contributory Parents, so he is the guy I would seek out for guidance about exactly how to set about the Student Visa end of the exercise.


That said, since your daughter has undergone the Student Visa route herself and is in touch with the local TAFE, she and they might know how to set about this element of the process for you.


I would suggest submitting the CPV application as soon as you can and sorting the rest out once this bit is out of the way.


If you want to consult George Lombard, his website is here:


Visa Info | George Lombard Consultancy Pty. Ltd.


Best wishes



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Thanks Gill. Yes we actually have the course "sorted" that we want to do. My query is:


1 - Is it OK to go out on an ETA

2 - Then apply for the Student Visa out there

3 - Apply for the CPV here before we go

4 - The CPV will not be affected by going onto the Student visa


I have heard some horror stories of people being refused admittance to Oz, because it looks like they are visa hopping - don't want that to happen to us.


Thanks for your help and I will contact George as suggested.





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