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Found 14 results

  1. Hiya I am looking for some help in getting my TFN from the ATO and was wondering if anyone has applied for a TFN recently? I have registered with the ATO website and when I go to apply for a TFN you need to select an option under the "ATO Publication code"? I typed in the word "temp" and this option came up - NAT No - 8592-10.2009WORKING TEMPORARILY IN AUSTRALIA - CLAIM YOUR SUPERANNUATION AFTER YOU LEAVE INFO - http://individuals.iorder.com.au/DownloadFile.aspx?fileName=8592-10.2009.pdf&fromPage=Search.aspx&prodID=8592-10.2009 I am not sure if this is the option I select for getting a TFN? I am going over on a 457 visa with my family. Mega confused.com?????? Help greatly appreciated..thank you
  2. Help someone please !!!!!!!!!!!:confused: I'm trying to fill in my centrelink application and am stuck on the section for payments :- Reportable fringe benefits. Is fringe benefits different to my salary packaging. Nothing is very clear and I have got myself all in a muddle. Is being allowed so much toward my uniforms a fringe benefit or is this just used when it comes to tax forms at the end of the year. I dont have a company car or anything like this. Any help would be much appreciated x Helen
  3. Guest


    Hi guys, hoping someone reading this might have been thru a similar scenario and might be able to offer advice.... My husband and i and our 13 year old daughter we're granted our general skilled migrant visas in 2007, so they run out April 2012....we went to oz in 2007 but only stayed for -4 months as a family member passed away and we ended up back in scotland(just not the right timing 4 us), anyway since then we have had another little girl who is 2 and a half and we're thinking that we're gonna give aus another go...so we're all booked up to leave on Nov 30th this year. we stupidly thought it wouldnt be a problem to get our youngest a visa aswell...but have been informed it can take 8-9 months. we will be in Aus by then. I asked if we could apply just for a holiday visa for my daughter and hope that whilst using that her migrant visa will come thru...i was then told that my daughter cannot be in the country whilst her visa is activated, we cannot leave aus for 2 years otherwise we would need to apply for residency return visas too...which just seems like its back to the drawing board a bit... so if anyone can help with these questions i would greatly appreciate it-: 1.has anyone applied for a migration visa for their child once they're in auz, How long does it take etc and would we be in trouble for taking her with just a holiday visa?? 2.we cannot im told leave the country for 2 years as we havent been there long enough out of 5 years...are we not even able to go on a 2 week holiday without having to go thru this residency return visa stuff?? sorry its a bit long winded...but i would love to hear from anyone who's been thru a similar scenario.Thanx:biggrin:
  4. VeryPatient


    Hi folk! DIAC states: other information to show that you have an incentive and authority to return to your country of residence, such as property or other significant assets in your home country. How could I satisfy this requirement of visa subclass 676 while I don't have any property belonging legally to me as I live in my parents home and this home legally belongs to my mother??? Any advice will be very much appreciated! Thanks
  5. I was just thinking to myself what did we do in the days before confused.com and moneysupermarket websites and how much time and money has been saved since their arrival!? I always use them as a tool for negotiating better deals out of companies. ... so then I got to thinking I am going to be lost without them in Australia and I won't even know where to start on ultility suppliers, insurances etc. :unsure: !!!! So does know of any similiar websites used in Australia to put my mind at ease on arrival (whenever that may be.) Thank you!
  6. hi! im currently filling out the online vetasses and i've hit a wall with the last page about evidence details-trade evidence form...i'm afraid off messing it up!! would really appreciate help at this vital stage!! also what visa should i apply for if/when i pass vetasses? im leaving with mu wife & 2 kids...HHEELLPP!!! :confused:
  7. Lauren82


    I was just wondering does anyone know if Australia has a confused.com website or similar!? it would be useful to know if they have. xx
  8. Guest


    hello everyone my name is lian im 26years old i have a partner called lee we have 2children jack age 2 and hannah is coming up for 10mths i need some help and advice on the whole moving to oz any comments replys and genral chat will be very helpfull :biggrin: tell im new i posted in pets whoops lolx
  9. Guest

    really confused.com

    Can someone just advise me if i've got this right:unsure: Waiting for the new SOL to come out then hopefully OH job will still be needed. Going to apply for visa 175/176 first and pop house on market. Were not going for 2 and a bit years but will activate it and do a recie at same time. Now do i need a seperate visa? as i will be applying for a midwifery graduate programme so will be sponsored by the health board! Only starting the process early to make sure we get the visa and if the visa takes around 18 months we'll have a year to move which will fit in around the time of me qualifying! If you managed to understand that your doing better than me:arghh: x x Thanks
  10. Guest


    I have been reading comments recently from Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott on Australia's immigration policy. It seems that Mr Rudd has once again changed/had changed/wind was blowing in a different direction/trod a crack in the pavement blah, blah, his opinion on Australia's future migration programme. Mr Abbott also said only the other day that 'Jesus' would not have let ALL boat people in to Australia, (what this has to do with legitimate immigration baffles me). What is even more baffling is that he used a very tenuous link with Jesus to make his point. Anyway, the basis of their beliefs etc on immigration seem to depend on what the future held for their country. If Australia was/is in an economic slow down then according to them there should be cuts in migration intake. If however Australia was in boom then migrant skills etc, may be needed and the numbers let into Australia should reflect this. Am I being somewhat naive, (probably) but surely these two gentleman concerned should base their remarks on sound knowledge and a certain understanding of what is going to happen in the future. They have in all likelihood a host of economic advisors, etc, that 'should' be able to predict the future to a 'certain' extent. Am I the only one to think that the vast majority of so called leaders in the world saw this particular 'recession' coming and could/should have had in place certain plans that would allow many thousands to be 'prepared'. In the meantime there are thousands of people, (prospective) migrants who are sitting twiddling their thumbs in the 'hope' that migration policy will change and they can submit an application. It is obvious from posts on PIO that there are many hundreds, if not thousands of people who have made or would make an application to emigrate if only the 'politicians' could get their head out of their backside and give these people a realistic and honest assessment, instead of constantly changing the goal posts. I know that hopefully these men have Australia's best interests at heart, BUT. I reckon at times they are pandering to what they 'think' people want to hear, and listening to spin doctors. At the very least I would imagine with the expertise and intelligent individuals that are surrounding these people surely they can look beyond their noses and predict fairly reasonably what their migration policy should be. As I said, maybe I am somewhat naive, I await to be shot down in flames by those that know more about government policy etc, but I thought it worth mentioning. Just makes me a little mad thats all. I talk to many people who would dearly love to live in Australia, but for all intents and purposes are in 'limbo' because they have no idea what is going to happen in the future with reference to migration numbers/skills/points allocation/dictates etc. I would like to mention that my reasons for this thread are many, but one stands out. Look at the problems that face the UK at the present time because those in 'power' didn't seem to know what the hell was going on when our own policy went belly up. I am not commeting on whether immigration is all good, all evil etc, just some 'longer' term planning in this countries policy would have been useful, and maybe Australia can learn from the UK's cock up. Cheers Tony
  11. fluffy


    if any1 could give me some info on this id be so greatful. Im currently in oz on a whv after my partner was made redundant on a 457 visa, we are applying for the 175 in a few weeks and as im worried our whvs wil run out before the 175 is granted does anyone know if you can have a 175 under application and then apply for a 457 with your work as this would cover us until the visa is granted, and the 457 would b granted before the 175. Is this possible to do and does any1 know a rough guide of how long the 175 is taking? Thanks :jiggy:
  12. Guest

    Confused.com - CPV

    Hi All I am a bit confused about whether I can actually apply for my CPV here in the UK and then apply for a student visa and go out and spend my time in Oz until I get the CPV - is that acceptable by Australian Immi? I know we would need to leave Australia to have the visa validated, but it does mean we could be spending time with our daughter until everything is cleared. I think I am going to spend today reading this thread from beginning to end - that should give me lots of info :idea:, however would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction on the immi website to where it says I can do this?
  13. Guest


    Trying to gather some more info - my head is spinning ! :v_SPIN: I am applying for a pr visa will work as an accountant when we get to perth. What im wondering is as we r going on the basis of me working as an accountant out there how long can i be in the country before i have to start work. I would like some time to settle in, unpack, jobhunt, househunt, get my liitlun settled with school/childcare and generally find my way around yadda yadda. Is there a time limit on this kind of thing? Also could i work p/t if the notion took me (and came into money lol) and if the oh was to get a well paying job would i be allowed to quit mine? Sorry for rambling hope some of can help xxxxxxxxxxxx :cute:
  14. Guest

    Confused.com is me

    :wacko: Hi there,wonder if anyone could give me some advise,me and my oh and 2 children are wanting to emergrate im well confused with the whole thing,,and unsure which route to take i did an online application on here with true blue who got back to me saying they thought It is possible that one of us qualifies for a visa to Australia, be it a skilled visa or an employer sponsored visa. Then asked us to send our cv's which i did.... I have an aunt and uncle who have been in perth for 15yrs plus ,who would sponser me im unsure how this works or whether it's possible...( should i go down this route ) ????? Feel like i should be doing something but for the life of me don't know what !!!!! Thank's in advance for any help. Rach. x