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Guest denise 73

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Guest denise 73

hi denise here

advise required for tra application :eek:

did my hairdressing training 1988 -1992 but dont remember any

formal apprenticeship contract

have not got it so whats the alternative ?

got city&guilds cert level two but the salon i did my initial apprentiship with no longer exists and to cap that the proprietor is deceased :arghh:

any advise please

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hello Denise


Welcome to Poms in Oz.


I do not know the answers to your questions. You should consult at least one firm of migration agents. They will be able to tell you whether what you have will be sufficient to satisfy TRA (the relevant skills assessment authority) and if not then what you ought to do instead.


I don't mean to sound unhelpful but yours is quite a technical question and I don't want to dabble when I do not know the answer.


Best wishes



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Hi Denise and welcome to the forum

I did not do a formal apprenticeship when i started hairdressing 22 years ago, i worked in a couple of salons carrying out various duties, so when i applied to TRA i just put everything down what i did, such as answering the telephone, shampooing and conditioning the hair, cleaning around etc etc. The salons where i worked at had closed down, i have my basic and advanced city and guilds and my NVQ 3, also i had done short coursed, i did have to supply alot of information to pass TRA and i failed first time and had to resubmit more evidence.

I used Go-Matilda and without them i still don't think i would have passed it, any way good luck with it all

Tania X

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