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Hairdressing and Cooking


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Says in the Age today that "hairdressing and cookery are expected to be removed from the list of occupational skills in short supply in Australia. - a move that woujld affect migration rules and have widespread ramifications for the international education industry. Thousands of international studens who complete courses in hairdessing and cookery can gain extra migration points towards applications for permanent residency because the two trades are currently included on the Migration Occupations in Demand List"


Hairdressing cut may leave colleges stranded | theage.com.au

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Petals


Thank you for this. Most intriguing. Both sides will blame each other, with the Colleges whingeing that they are trying to solve the skills shortage andsome other group whingeing that a staggeringly high number of ex foreign students don't do the job that they were trained for once they get PR in Oz.


I read an interesting report the other day (on the wrong track - I was actually looking for something else.) Somebody gave a lecture to Engineers Australia a few weeks ago. According to the author, he got stats from DIAC which showed that they had granted PR visas to X,ooo Engineers last year. However the Industry stats say that only 35% of these Engineers are actually doing engineering in Oz.


It seems a bit of a Dumb Plan to me - this business of attracting migrants but releasing them from the quid pro quo of doing their bit to solve the skills shortage once they reach Oz.





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