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hi everyone

I am hoping to make a move to Queensland permanently by 2010 and I am wanting to work as soon as possible when i get here. I currently do Bar work and I am a secretary for a local charity and have held this position for the last 4 years, company Secretary since April 2007 but I have no formal quaifications nor am I paid as it is a voluntary position. I also have 2 n a half years experience in Health and social care for the elderly, and worked for the local council, but again no formal qualifications. Would any of this be taken into account for a working visa or towards sponsorship??I do have an australian partner who is going to provide sponsorship if that is required. I am taking a 6 week recce trip in feb and again at xmas next year but I have no idea on where to even begin to look for work, when i should start applying or anything as I don't know how any of the system with regards to working and visas works so any help would be much appreciated


Many Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out



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