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What are the schools like in oz ?

Guest courtney1997

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Guest courtney1997

What are schools like in perth , currambine area ?

I am moving in january (09) and i am nervous about making friends ,ect ... !

Can anyone help ?


kindest reguards




ps : happy xmas everyone


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I moved from London to Melbourne when I was 13 (in late 2005), so I can tell you about differences I've found!


- It seems to be the case that most primary schools are pretty good (my sister is younger).

- In secondary schools, there's generally a pretty big difference between private (public) and government schools here. Most middle class parents send their kids to private schools, and these schools tend to be single-sex schools with strict uniform rules. The private schools in Melbourne tend to outperform the public ones, with the exception of selective entrance schools. (I've been to a government school and am now in a small private school).

- The curriculum here is pretty easy, to be honest.

- Because most kids in Britain start earlier, you may want to skip a year so that you don't have to repeat everything you've already learnt. I'm 16, but I'm with 17 year olds. That's fine, though.

-British accents go down well!

- Like Britain, there's a huge mix of different kinds of schools, so hopefully you can find one that you like!


Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine! If you've any more questions, ask away!





Sorry I can't give you details about schools in Perth.

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Guest Torryquine

Hello, we moved with our 9 year old boy, Zack, 9 months ago, and from day 1 he loved his new school. It isnt private, its a state primary, but a much better school than he went to back in the UK. The children are lovely, so friendly and laid back, and we have decided as a family we are here in Perth to stay! Hope all goes well for you, Myra.

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