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11 year od moving to perth needs friends!!

Guest Sophia-Lily

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Guest Sophia-Lily

hello everyone my name is sophia nad i a 11 years old. my dad has got a job in perth and we might be moving there December 31st.


we are moving to Rockingham/secret harbour area


I really dont want to go as it means leaving mates of 5 years.:noxmas: anyone in my position who knows how i feel.


prb-please reply back


Merry Xmas :emoticon-signxmas:






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Guest x-GKD-x

Hiyaa Sophia :]

Are You kk ??

i am movingg to Perth aswell we move in January tho!

You are moving soon lol! but dont be worried about it because we all leave our friends 1 day. (well some people do)

I am a bit worried to but then i think i would have a better life over theree!

But then i am going to miss my family and friends loadss! i have Known most of my friends for about 6 years! i dont want to leave them behind :noxmas:

Please Write bk.

Byee Georgiaa,,,,x


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Guest Sophia-Lily

Dear Georgia


thanx i am feeling a bit better now as i had my best friend round for sleepover and mum was saying to her that when she can come and visit when she was older that was kind of a let down as it could be years yet. but reading ur reply has realy made e feel a whole lot better.


i really dont want to go there though as it just seems so big n scary and it don't help i am scared of the sea. (this is because i once went to the beach down Camber Sands and me and my 8 year old sis were coming back as we had to go. Anyway the tide was going in so we had to go through some sea and there was a current and i had to hold my sis up aswell as myself and it was so scary cause i was clinging on to my sis and the current was so strong!!)


reply back plz


thanx sophiax


p.s and how are u??


Merry christmas :emoticon-signxmas:

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Hi dont answer to me cos im an adult (take care when chatting) but there is a kids zone on here so take a look there


Good look and enjoy making all them new friends.


Sioux XX

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hey sophia my name is Kloe i am 12 and i have been living in perth 4 6 months

i really do recomend Interactive Adventures Camp its exciting and also very fun.

its a 5 day trip near dwellingup next to margeret river. they pick u up from a certain bus stop. but it is a really good way to make a lot of new and lovely friends while u are settling in. i went and made lots of friends and i still talk to them now we meet up and have a chat its great.

when i moved over i was really nervous and sad about leaving my friends of 11 years

but after a couple of weeks you realize what you have got in oz. sun beach and much more. you also understand that you will see your family and friends again. and that u can talk to them as much as u want.

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Guest JessArr

Hii i am jess and i am 12 i am moving to perth in june and i dont know anyone out there and i am a bit scared to make new friends i am moving to around rockingham






Reply please xx :cute:

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Guest jazzy13

hyi sophia


im 10 but im moving to australia but we dont know where abouts yet .


dad and mum frist said that we are moving to perth then sydney , melboun then adalay so confuzing so thats why i dont know where we are moving YET.


we dont know when we're moving yet .:arghh:


i get the feeling that were not moving.:unsure:


we first thought that we was moving in the summer hols now it the ether beging of next year or even longer


BUT we are defantly moving please dont get the wrong idear


if you still need friend then i will be your friend that might seem desprat but i still need friend



thanx jazzy 13 (jasmine )

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Guest theleeclan

hi sophia


my name is alix and i am 11 years old aswell.

Its good to have someone to talk to my own age!

Have you moved yet? How is it going?

My mam and dad are thinking about it but dont know where yet but around the surburbs of perth.

hope to speak to you soon.





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Guest theleeclan

Do u have an email address coz if u do you can pm me and we can talk about it and chat.



Alix xx

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