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Twentysomethings moving to Perth ;-)

Guest wispa23

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Guest wispa23

Hello pomsinoz!!!!!


We're Nicole and Jamie - Twentysomethings moving to Perth in June 2009!!!

Wanted to say hello to everyone here - looks like a really lively site and I'm hoping to get stuck into contributing in these forums....


A bit about us then ................


We have graduated, are currently working in Barcelona, Spain... Im (Nicole) a Junior Human Resources Consultant and my partner Jamie is Semi- Professional Field Hockey Player and both fanatical about photography hehehe.......


We're looking now somewhere to settle and build our future and all that.... we have travelled the East Coast of Oz and thought it was a beautiful country with great people. We're looking towards Perth as a great place for my job in HR and for Jamie's hockey career, the ever so friendly people and the lifestyle!!!


So I'l catch up with everyone soon!!


Come say HI!!!!!! ;-)

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