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Bridging the Gap

Guest ildanach

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Guest ildanach

Hey Guys,


I am currently in Sydney on a Working Holiday Visa which is due to expire shortly. I was nominated for sponsorship by the company that I am working with for the past 6 months and unfortunately they had to retract the offer due to a change in their sponsorship policy and the financial crisis (it may sound like crap but this is what I was told!).


Ok so now here is my dilemma, they have told me that I have a job for as long as I can stay in the country so it is my plan to get a bridging visa that will allow me to keep working until I get my application in for Skilled Migration. I was just wondering what bridging visa I should go for.


I will admit straight out that due to a few financial difficulties it may be about 2 weeks before I can afford an agent to help me out with the application so I need to know what is the best way to stay in the country legally so I don't jeopardise my chances with the skilled migration.


Cheers in advance,


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