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The new E -visitor(suclass 651)

Guest lynnjez

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Guest lynnjez

Ok ...hope some one can help......My daughter has arrived to stay with us in Adelaide on a e-visitor...she has only been here a day and decided she wants to stay. Now at the moment we are only on a 457 , so cant sponsor her (she is nearly 19...so didnnt put her on 457).


She is happy to stay as a tourist until we get PR and we will support her financially but as I understand it now she has applied and entered Australia on an e-visitor she cannot extend it or change it to a 12 month tourist visa...so my question is


This visa states that she can enter and stay upto 3 months on each visit during a twelve month period...does any one know how long she has to leave the country for before the 3 months, before she can come back for another 3 months? If you see what i mean...or if anyone knows of another way of her staying temp or otherwise...she doesnt neccasarily need to work so any visa could be considered.


Thanks in advance


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Guest Gollywobbler

Hello Lynn


Your options are as follows:


About a fortnight before the e-651 expires, trot along to the nearest DIAC office and make a paper application, in person, for a subclass 676 long stay tourist visa for your daughter:




Tourist Visa (Subclass 676)


An alternative (and in my opinion better) idea would be to send your daughter out of Oz for a while just before her e-651 visa expires. Wherever is closest and cheapest will do - eg Bali, Singapore, Auckland or Fiji because there are DIAC offices in all 4 places.


Whilst your daughter is outside Australia, she applies for a subclass 417 Working Holiday Visa:


Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)


The catch with the WH visa is that your daughter must be outside Oz when she applies for it and outside Oz when it is granted. The good news is that she can make the application on line and it should be granted in under a week if she makes the application properly. If you are nervous about that you could get a Registered Migration Agent in Oz to make the application and obtain the WH visa whilst your daughter simply takes a short holiday outside Australia. That said, 99% of youngsters manage to make their own on-line WHV applications with no problems at all so there is no reason why your daughter cannot do so as well.


The WHV would permit your daughter to remain in Oz for up to 2 years if she acts sensibly and does some seasonal harvesting work for not less than 3 months (or goes out to the mines as a camp cook if she wants to make a fast buck.) Mining & construction work in regional Australia are now both included in the occupations which would secure a second WH visa.


Hopefully either during her first or second years on the WH visa, somebody would sponsor your daughter for a 457 visa next.


Best wishes



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