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Air Asia


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Just had a look at their web-site & there are some very very cheap flights to Oz.


They only fly from Stanstead into Kuala Lumpur but then fly onto Melbourne, Perth & the Gold Coast.


As an example, flying on 16th June to KL then onto Melbourne is only £370 per person!


If you want to upgrade to XL seating, its about £700 per person.


These are only single fares & it seems very much a no-frills airline but if you're not coming back, then it seems a really good price.

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Guest sean,marie & gang

Yesterday in the Sun, they had a very small article on air asia and it said they was going to be doing flights to Oz as of March @ a whooping £99 one way or £200 both ways!!!!!!! This doesnt include any meals, drinks or on flight entertainment.Couldnt believe my eyes..............but with 4 kids in flights entertainment, drinks and meals are a must, its just to long a flight!!!!

Marie x

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Guest John Sydney

Before you get carried away wih Air Asia better read the fine print

1) does the cost include Taxes

2) How much is your baggage allowance 5kilo's ? how much extra per kilo

3) Meals cost ? and drinks


I did the Maths before on a flight from Coolangatta to KL and it was cheaper to fly Qantas

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