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Financial Institutions

Guest Sean DaCat

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Top 4







Best deals (personal Opinion)


www.bankwest.com.au (now owned by CBA)

www.rabobank.com.au (AAA security)



Best service (personal opinion)


www.boq.com.au (bank manager owns the branch so very personal service)

www.stgeorge.com.au (just better at service) (now owned by WESTPAC)


None of these banks are owned or controlled by the state or federal governements. The top 4 are all AA rated and among only 20 banks worldwide to retain that rating.


For comparing rates the look at www.ratecity.com.au


hope this helps



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My vote is for bankwest - for motgages.


I know you can open a bank account in the Uk with the commonwealth and Westpac. Pretty painless and can be opened from the UK. It is great so you can transfer money over from the Uk with an Australian bank already opened. All you need to do then is visit your nominated bank with the ID require and you will pick up your cards etc and your away.

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Guest JoanneHattersley

We have mortgage with Bankwest and also a normal current account and a saving account. They ahve recently opened more branches in and around Brisbane which is great for us.


We have had no hassle with them and Mum and Dad (Mr and Mrs CazBeckham)are now with them too. They had a few hassles getting everything sorted out but I think it was more as it was a new branch and the staff were very new too!! Needed a little help! LOL!

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