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Found 123 results

  1. Good evening. Apologies for the multiple questions, but here goes: What is the amount to be shown for this visa for the primary applicant and a spouse? Do these funds have to be in the form of cash in a bank or can we include assets like a property as well? (The Tasmanian financial declaration form states that we cannot show the value of Jewellery) I would like to sell my property only after getting a state nomination and applying for my visa. Otherwise, I'd rather let my property appreciate in value. (Catch 22 situation here) How long do the funds in the bank have to be present before presenting them?
  2. Rugby77

    Unpaid Credit Card In Oz

    Hi, I recently maxed out my credit card to buy a car online. since then, the car has a major fault and have lost my job. I am here on a 417 WHV and want to fly back to the uk . I cannot afford to pay the credit card , and before you awnser this thread, i do not make it wright at all. But i am very short of options. The card is for 4K AUS. Please can someone tell me would it affect my credit rating in the uk and would they try to catch me in the uk? Thanks Rugs:no:
  3. Hi there! I am looking for some advice/ recommendations/ information about exchange rates, transferring money, tax, recommended companies/ financial advisers to approach, etc etc etc... Our situation is that we are in the process of emigrating to australia. We left the UK early in December but have still yet to touch down in oz as we are taking the opportunity to do a bit of travelling on route. Therefore, we are not yet Australian residents (visa 176) - but, it appears, that we are also no longer UK residents which is making things very difficult! The exchange rates seem to be moving alarmingly in the 'wrong' direction (given that we have our savings etc in sterling and want to transfer to aus dollars). We also have worries about tax etc e.... what can we do/ who can we speak to? Having looked at a lot of websites it seems that we are already 'too late' having already left the UK... is this true Please help!!! All advice gratefully received.
  4. Hi All, After a little help please. Okay so, my wife and her father have a financial business and I am thinking of trying my hand at Insurance Brokering. What I would like to know is what qualifications should I be aiming to complete? I have seen a diploma of financial planning which looks like it would be the right thing but just not sure? Also my wife has her CeMAP which is currently not being used but if she used it for a few years before trying to get over to Oz would that be enough to get us over & also would her skills (and mine if I trained as a Insurance Broker) be sort after? We are looking at Brisbane. Thanks in advance. Dean
  5. Hi We are moving to Perth next year on a state sponsored 176 visa. We will be selling up everything in the UK – which won’t be a great deal, but we’re hard workers and preparing to start again with the aim of providing a better quality of life for the whole family... However, we have a stumbling block that needs sorting because the worry is starting to take its toll: 6 years ago we bought a very small village house in Spain, purely as a pension for us. For the last 3 years we haven’t been able to let it (there are hundreds of empty houses and apartments in this area now after a huge building spree) and after 3 bad tenants we decided to put it up for sale. Unfortunately, the recession has hit tremendously and there is no work there. Houses are being sold for half their value maximum. The exchange rate has crippled us as we are making monthly mortgage payments. We can’t sell it despite it being on with 10 agents. The last year we have negotiated an interest free period which we have had to pay for by taking an extra evening job. The bank is not helpful and there are thousands of people like us in the same boat. Now we are at the end of the road. After going back and forth we cannot feasibly take this mortgage to Australia. If we hand back the house, we will still owe about half the mortgage due to the huge slump in property. Even when we sell up in the UK, we wouldn’t have spare money to put towards it. We’re trying to do everything the ‘right’ way, but we don’t know how things will pan out. What we really need to know is how this could affect us in WA. We have read that mortgage and finance companies don’t/can’t look at foreign debt and that credit is built up from scratch? But, what really concerns us is that because we are on the 176 visa we will have all our details available for the first 2 years. Would a default be traced? Or even something put on our passports if we travelled back to the EU that might show? And, how about in 4 years when we apply for citizenship? It’s all ‘what ifs’, but the whole thing is just a hugely bad experience. We don’t want to blow the best chance we have of changing our lives by this. Any advice, information or relevant stories would be really useful. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Jellybeagle

    Financial Advisor

    We are looking to emigrate to Adelaide with work - does anyone have a good financial advisor we could talk to as we have oustanding creditors and could do witha good chat with someone in the know
  7. I'm just wondering what the maternity benefits are over in Australia. We have one child at the moment and plan to have more which may be after we make the move to Oz. :yes: What do you receive in terms of maternity leave and maternity benefits? E.g. how much time can you have off after having a baby, do you get any money from the state for supporting the baby and help with childcare? When we had our son in the UK I was entitled to a full years leave from work with maternity pay for 9 months at £128.23 per week and recieved £20 per week child benefit and when I returned to work I got £7 per week towards childcare costs. At the time my I had only been in my job 2.5 years so wasnt entitled to the maternity pay from my employer but would have been had I fallen pregnant after being with them for two years. Can any one help??? :err:
  8. I have an opportunity for someone who has previously worked as a Financial Adviser in the UK to break into the Australian Market. Having done this 5 years ago I know how frustrating this can be. Ideally looking for an experienced UK adviser well on their way to becoming PS 146 compliant but requiring their first exposure to the australian market place. Please PM Keith
  9. Can anyone recommend a good independent financial advisor who can assist in the transfer of my UK pension to Australia? I am based in Frankston near Melbourne. I've been living here for over a year (emmigrated on 02/03/2010) and realise I probably should have done something about it by now! Afraid it got put on the back burner as life has been a little hectic since we arrived... Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you Janet
  10. Hi, I'm a financial advisor in the UK and planning on moving to Oz by next year. We are applying for a 176 visa as my OH is a chef. We are ideally looking to move to the gold coast and my OH is confident he can find a job there. I was just wondering what the job situation is like over there and if there is any financial advisors on here who could give me some advise. I understand that I will also need to redo my qualifications once over there is that correct? Will I need to live nearer to Brisbane to find work. I know it's not the best job to be in at the moment and jobs are rare in the UK so it it the same over there too? Hopefully it will have picked up abit by the time i move! :huh: Any help appreciated! Thanks Becki
  11. Hey guys, I've had a look into the WA SS route. I am eligible to apply but I'm a bit unsure as to how to answer the questions about financial status. I don't have money on my own name but I have access to around AU$50 000 from my parents if I need it. The funds are liquid and available at any time. Will this be acceptable? Do they ask for bank statements or proof and will the explanation of supporting parents be sufficient? Any advice is much appreciated
  12. I notice from reading on the forums that the majority of people seem to be using HiFX for transfers of money over to Australia, i guess that's because they are heavily advertised on this site. However, i have just recently arranged a forward contract with Halo Financial and i just wondered if many others have used them and if so, what they think of their service. Thanks for any comments.
  13. Hi, Going to Canberra (from UK) soon, and I am wandering what to do with finances such as: Life insurance Critical Illness Pension I've been paying these in the UK - am I able to continue paying into these policies when in Australia or will I have to start again? If I have to start again I imagine it'll cost more as obviously I'm older since I started the payments. Thanks, Mike.
  14. Guest

    Declaration of Financial Capacity

    Hi all Hope someone can help ASAP as I need to be back at solicitors at noon today. Just got back from the solicitors where I'm having all paper work certified and ready to send off to ACT. Whats confusing me as well as the solicitors at this stage is who signs what on the Declaration of Financial Capacity form. The form itself requires 2 signatures, i.e. signature 1 and signature 2, I know I have to sign on signature 1 but who signs on signature 2, my wife???? hope someone can shed some light.
  15. - Unique opportunity to learn from a highly experienced team of professional entrepreneurs - Role development to future Finance Director - Q400 Fastest Growing Companies Company profile Evolution Road Maintenance Group (ERMG) is an industry leader in the provision of traffic management, training and various related road maintenance works. As a member of the Q400 Fastest Growing Companies, this highly successful business has expanded rapidly and now has 14 branches nationwide. To support and maintain continuing growth, ERMG is seeking to appoint a skilled Financial Controller to be based at its Brisbane HQ. Job description This is a unique opportunity for a talented and proven finance leader to join a well established senior leadership team and take full control of the finance operations, providing genuine commercial direction to the Board of Directors. Responsibilities will include extensive business reporting (including month end reporting), audit preparation and overseeing all statutory requirements as well as getting heavily involved in the commercial decision making throughout the business. The successful candidate will also be tasked with streamlining and automating accounting and other systems and procedures to ensure adequate internal controls and to meet the Group’s wide expansion plans. The role will encompass all areas of accounting from financial accounting to forecasting and include specific project work. The successful candidate will be required to advise on potential acquisitions and business decisions made by the company. As a hands-on role, the successful candidate will be responsible for building and maintaining good relationships with banks and other key stakeholders. As well as ultimate responsibility for the financial accounts preparation you will use your advanced mentoring and leadership skills to oversee the accounting, payroll and administration divisions. To enjoy success in this role, you will be results orientated with a sound ability to make commercial decisions and drive process improvement across the group. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a highly experienced team of professional entrepreneurs and to grow into a future Finance Director role. The successful candidate As the successful candidate, you will be CA qualified with extensive experience (7 years+) at a similar level with proven delivery of financial and commercial performance. You will possess advanced mentoring / team leadership skills and also be a highly-skilled communicator with experience operating and influencing at senior levels. There is also a fundamental requirement to balance a traditional, hands-on reporting function with the ability to add value to the business development function in partnership with the senior management team. The successful candidate will be a calm and assertive person capable of providing added value for the long term success of the group. Experience within a high volume transaction services environment would be advantageous. Remuneration and benefits An attractive remuneration package between $155,000 and $175,000 will be offered to the successful candidate depending on experience and ability. In addition, annual performance based bonuses will be paid, based on the performance of the individual as well as the company. To apply please forward your resume and cover letter by 28 October 2011
  16. Hey All, I will be migrating to Australia arriving the 25th of October with my partner. We have the slightly unusual situation whereby I have an Australian passport + Citizenship (on account of living there aged 1-5) but have not been over since. My partner will be entering on a working holiday visa while her partner visa is getting processed, We expect it to come through at the end of December (at which point she will have too briefly leave the country (Likely NZ)) We have just applied for a joint account with commonwealth bank and plan on transferring money over to that. Can anyone advise on other things we should apply for before arrival? I'm thinking the equivalent to National Insurance numbers? Tax codes? Electoral Registers? Is there any other difference that come to mind for me as an Australian citizen versus my partner as a UK migrant? Boab88
  17. Hi Has any one had any dealings with a good financial advisor in Brissie? We are looking to speak to one ASAP about a number of things probably - but initially salary packaging, tax etc. relating to my other half's company car/allowance etc. If anyone has had dealings - any indication of their rates?? We also have various "insurances" still being paid in the UK and are wondering whether to ditch them for similar Aus policies etc. Cheers for any replies Andy
  18. Hi, As part of the sponsorship application we have to provide financial evidence of how were going to fund our move etc, asking for a waiver as we dont have $20,000 free at the moment!! Anyone done this, and what did you put as proof? Steph
  19. Guest

    Hi, new to PIO

    Dear All on PIO, Pleasure to be part of this forum, I hope in time I can repay with comments. This is my first post. My wife (36) and I (40) are both British but reside in Spain. We are contemplating the move to OZ and wondered if any of you would be so kind as to give a few pointers? My wife is a qualified Hairdresser and I have 18 years Investment Banking experience while living in USA and UK, although now I am working in the Pensions and Investments industry here in Spain. I am keen to obtain my RG146 which I believe is required to perform the same role when in Australia? If anyone can provide some advice as to visa migration companies and who would be the better candidate re points (Wife or I) ? Are Hairdressers in demand ? Also am I correct in stating the RG146 qualification is the requirement to perform my role in Australia ?, Do you know of any recommended distance learning companies? I am in discussions with the Pension investment company who I represent here in Spain with regard to starting an office in Australia, however this is very early discussions. I would also welcome any information regarding other work opportunities in this field. Thanking you all in advance
  20. Hi, My wife and daughter and myself are moving to Sydney/Central Coast next yr. I am a financial advisor in the UK and will be looking to do the same in Oz and I understand that I will have to convert my qualifications. Has anyone got any advice about moving to Oz and working within the financial industry? I am qualified as a mortgage broker and have all my CF exams and will have my diploma when we come over. Thanks for any help
  21. I received an email from my CO yesterday. They asked for some more things for the application. One being emails and phone logs of our time apart. Thought I gave enough originally. No problem have plenty more. The original NOIm. No worries will sort that. I have an official letter but not the NOIM from the celebrant as I was not there to witnessed it signed when filed by my fiance. Now to the sticky part- that asked for this: "Evidence of the Sponsor's financial support (The sponsor is responsible for all financial obligations to the Australian Government that your partner might incur in Australia.) Examples of financial support may include a letter of employment from the sponsor or the sponsors statement of earnings issued by the Australian Taxation office." She is unable to provide this as she has been on support from Centrelink on disability for two years. What do we do? Do I be honest, let the CO know we don't and why with official documents from the start as to why she hasn't. Or just send those docs from centrelink in? As anyone familiar with an Assurance of Support (AoS) we can't get one until they specifically ask for it. I don't want any denial of visa and have to reapply. What do we do here?
  22. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with some issue that I'm not sure about. I am assessment level 1 student applicant. Financially, I have my family supporting me. As proof what do I need to show? Is a letter from my family saying they will support me enough? Do I still have to show $20,000 on my bank account? My family can't give me that much money at the moment. Is there a way around it? Isn't the letter from my aunt enough? Please, if you were in the same boat, let me know how you solved this issue. Thanks.
  23. Anyone dealt with Global Qrops
  24. I planned to apply for the 175 visa, I have 60 points and plan to sit the IELTS to gain the additional 5 points required. As the 175 can take 18-24months we decided to apply for SS to Victoria. I am an Senior Occupational Therapist and my job is on the demand list. I completed the application last week and received an email today informing me that we have not been successful:no: due to "a lack of financial resource to assist with the move/settlement". I wrote $15,000 as I can prove this just now. However, it is likely we will have more and I hope to secure a job before arriving in Oz. I was under the impression there is no set amount required to immigrate:confused: and looking at the forum people appear to be going with less. I now plan to go for a 175 but I am worried about the amount they expect you to have. Can anyone recommend what you need to make the move, I though £10-15,000 would be enough for a family of 3, especially if I had a job to start?? Any comments welcome Leah (31), Robert (32) and Declan (5)
  25. Can anyone recommend an independant financial advisor in Melbourne. I need to discuss: - UK Pension transfer - is it worth it? - Superannuation and potential funds