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Marks and Spencers


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Just had a look at the M&S website and they are now doing international delivery so for £20 they will deliver to all us dedicated shoppers here in oz.


Happy shopping


Joanne xx :yes:


Read the small print it does state that items of large volume will be more oh sent a box with bits and pieces and cards for rellies $85 postage, uk post is about the seem could be dearer. Postage cost more than blo0min contents of box



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LOL what happens if they dont fit and u have to send them back LOL


Prob same happen as did with the motorbike gear I ordered from the US good olod oz post said they had delivered them (trackin) foned up oh no they didnot then said scanner malfunctin send them back to us foned us on no they didnt so I`m gear less and £150 down:mad:



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