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Hi from North Haven, SA

Guest amazingnewlifeahead

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Guest amazingnewlifeahead

Hi All,


Apologies for not getting back online sooner. We arrived in SA 2 weeks ago and we are loving it!!!


My eldest daughter has started school and is settling in well, and my little one is looking forward to starting in January.


Has been amazing to see my oh again after nearly 6 months and we are now racing around organising our wedding for the 3rd Jan!!!!


Would love to hear from other 'poms' in SA, perhaps we could meet for coffee etc...until the little one starts school I seem to have a whole lot of time on my hands and am not used to that, having always worked in the UK - so would love some company!!!!!


Thanks again to everyone who offered support and congrats during the application process!!!!!


Thanks again


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Hi there!


Glad to hear that you all arrived safe n sound and that you're loving SA.


Good Luck for the wedding planning...!!!


Keep us updated,


Dan xx

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