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Sailing in Brisbane

Guest deborah76

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Guest deborah76



Thinking of taking up sailing again when we move to sunny brisbane, its gotta beat sailing around Frensham Pond in November!! anyone else out there who sails, where do you recommend, which clubs etc etc.


I have mostly done dinghy sailing but wouldnt mind trying out slightly bigger boats!!



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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Deborah


Welcome to Poms in Oz


I've never been to Brisbane so I can't tell you anything about sailing there. I know that there is a marina in Southport and apparently there are a couple of offshore islands within a day-sail. I imagine that either there will be buoys or that people anchor up overnight. The islands are lovely, I'm told.


Contact PommyPaul, I suggest. He was brought up on the Norfolk Broads, has only recently arrived in the area himself (he is in Caloundra but he has a car.) He's hoping to get out on the water again. He is also 31 and single, so if you are single as well I think it is a racing certainty that he would collect you from the airport if you ask nicely!




Meanwhile, here are some relevant links as well:


Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (might as well start at the top!)


Brisbane Eighteen Footers Sailing Club (Australia)


QCYC > Home


WMYC Welcome




As a "big boat" sailor, I can ASSURE you that all the racing owners fall on a dinghy sailor with cries of joy when they are looking for crew. The dinghy boys & girls are always the canniest.


E-mail all the clubs, ask questions and I am sure that all of them will give you phone numbers etc of people to contact when you have arrived.


Best wishes



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