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Work experience and References

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Hi there - I am going through the GSM route and had a query regarding work experience and references.


I am gathering the information I need for skills assessment (NIA for accountants) but I am right in that I don't need to send them any employment references?


I am an accountant and altogether have just over 5 years experience, but what counts is do I have 12 out of 18 months experience just prior to application right?


One of my employers can provide a reference that meets all of the immigration departments requirements (including the 5 main duties and final salary), however my latest employer said they could do a standard reference but not include salary and duties as their HR system does not contain that information (they say I can obtain a Statement of Salary from Payroll - fine). I have contacted my old manager about writing a letter about the job description, but if they don't (stating legal and compliance reasons) but I have the regular reference plus payslips etc will this be sufficient? I also have my contract and terms and references.


Also, this year I contracted for one month and I have my initial terms and conditions/contract plus my payslips but no job based reference - will this be OK?


Any help from anyone about this will be most appreciated. Sorry if covered elsewhere but I couldn't find exact same query.



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