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British Migrants Chasing Aussie Dream

Guest JohnKelly

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Guest JohnKelly

In the final scene of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Butch tries to persuade his partner to move to Australia.


As the characters face imminent death, Butch's reasoning is that Australians speak English, the beaches are great and the banks are easy.


It's a long way from fictional Bolivia to real-life London, but prospective migrants had much the same things on their mind as they queued up outside Australia House for a migration recruiting drive.


Except for the bit about robbing banks, hopefully.


The long line of English people snaking down The Strand were attending a Skills Expo put on by Australian employers trying to plug skill gaps that in the Australian workforce.


Those in the queue may have been in suits and ties and clutching CVs, but they were imagining themselves in cossies on sun-drenched beaches on weekends rather than pacing wards or fixing cars from nine to five.


The exhibitors and the job seekers had in mind lifestyle more than dollars as they squeezed through the crowded exhibits.


Robert, a London specialist electrician, had received confirmation that the Victorian government will sponsor his visa application, and was on the lookout at the Expo for work.


"It's mainly for the children, it's really for them that we wanted to do this," Robert said.


"We've got three children and I don't like the way this country is going.


"I wanted to have a better quality of life, and I just worry about the way society is going in this country."


On a lighter note, he is also a big cricket fan and wants to get in his gloating while the opportunity exists.


Darin, completing a PhD in medical research, was also smitten with Australia's lifestyle.


"My wife and I have been to Sydney and in Queensland and absolutely loved it," Darin said.


"I grew up in California, so it reminded me of all the good parts of home.


"The whole thing, the lifestyle, the weather, it's great, and professionally, moving to Australia would be great."


Sharin Taplin, a consultant trying to lure GPs and health professionals to Port Augusta in South Australia, summed up what the prospective migrants were looking for.


"They want to practice what they're qualified in and they just want to get out of London," Ms Taplin said.


"They're just looking for a sea-change a lot of them, somewhere where they can be happy and free and have that relaxed lifestyle that they hear about.


"They can buy a really nice house in Port Augusta for $120,000. What are they going to get for that in London? A bedroom?"


Maybe in the outer suburbs.


The Australian government is seeking an additional 20,000 skilled migrants in this financial year, above the usual intake of 70-80,000.


The jobs on offer at the Expo were largely in the medical profession and trades, taking in everything from obstetricians and speech pathologists to brickies and hairdressers.


"The difficulty is finding Australian GPs and specialists that want to live in (Port Augusta) - they all want to live in Cairns, where the beaches and palm trees are," Ms Taplin said.


Terry Hayes, who was trying to attract motor mechanics and technicians to Perth car dealerships, said his company also had struggled for two years to find experienced and qualified staff as many blue-collar workers were lured to WA's mining and building industries.


"Trying to find experienced technicians in Australia is virtually impossible," Mr Hayes said.


"A lot of the people here are after the lifestyle that Western Australia, and all of Australia, presents.


"Lifestyle's driving a lot of people, and that's always been the case, but this is the first time that people have got together with this Expo.


"We're quite excited, there's a lot of people coming through."


Source: AAP News

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Guest basiltherat



Many thanks for your information on the Expo. I am going tomorrow at 1000. Hoping to get information on Accountancy. Any suggestions. Willing to go anywhere in Australia. Destination in Australia is not the priority but preference would be Queensland or Western Aus. (Perth area)


Have a wadge of printed CV's and awards and references.



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