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Guest HCC

Veterinary nurses in Oz

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    Guest HCC

    Just had a look at the list of professions in order to gain points to enable one to apply for a visa. I noticed that my profession is not listed at all. I would be relying on applying as a skilled migrant. I am qualified and I understand that my RCVS qualification is regarded quite highly in Oz...(is apparantly equal to an A level). I have found a fab web site offering jobs for VNs all over Oz who seem keen to employ british nurses. so are there any fellow VNs out there who have been able to gain entry and can share their experiences on application and work etc.



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      • By Rosiegirl
        Are there any registered nurses out there who have moved back or thinking about it who have re-registered with the NMC? I would really appreciate any feedback on the whole process. Thanks
      • By ClaireyD
        Hi, has anyone had to revalidated their NMC? I'm in oz for another year and my revalidation is due to be renewed..
        I'm wondering if I should let it lapse and reapply next year or do it now? Anyone had this experience?
        Any info gratefully appreciated.
      • By shaughns20
        I know ultimately it will come down to myself to make this decision but need some more educated opinions I think to try and make my decision. Basically I'm a 24 year old Irish university degree trained General nurse. I've just about a year of experience and my plan had always been learn to drive (pay off my car, which is hopefully just about another year) and then go to Australia for a working holiday visa where I could get a feel for nursing there and work agency or whatever (or that was the dream plan anyway)
        However the hospital I'm currently working for has now offered up funding to do post graduate diplomas and certificates in my area of nursing (respiratory). The courses would begin in sept 2017 (length six months to a year)  and because the hospital are funding it I would then be obliged to work for the hospital for a year post completion. So that#s thrown a spanner in the works. I'm tempted because this is obviously a very big opportunity. 
        But by the time I have completed it I would be probably just about too old for a WHV, so would have to rethink plans all together. Especially while the 457 visa is a bit up in the air. 
        My question is really would these postgraduates stand by me in Australia and would if be easier to find a job and such. Or would it really make no difference. I don't have any intentions to specialise at the minute and would like to continue working in a general medical setting. I would possibly still get funding after I come back from Australia, if I come back at all. But it's unknown year to year if funding will be there or not for these courses. 
        I know it comes down to my decision ultimately but, having some outsiders opinions may give me some further food for thought