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457 visa work experience requirements


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Hi, I'm really hoping some one can help. I have been offered a sponsorship in hairdressing for a 457 visa my question is do I have enough 'experience'

I completed my apprenticeship 2006-2008 then from 2008-2010 I worked as a full time stylist then from 2010 I've worked for the same company until

present as a salon manager but only part time

any insight would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance,


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Does "sponsorship" mean that you have been offered a job in Australia? You have six years experience as a salon manager (and ten cutting hair, assuming you are still doing that now that you are a salon manager.) The fact that you work part time should be irrelevant. I would have thought that any company interested in employing you would be looking at your skills and experience, and "part time" would only be relevant if they want you to work full time?

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