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Subclass 190 Visa Application - Some Confusions!


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Dear Mates,


I face some confusions preparing my Subclass 190 visa applications -


1. Question: (For my biological Daughter) Does any other person have custodial, access or guardianship rights to this child?

Should I mention my Wife Name (Biological Mother) who is accompanying myself to Australia?


2. Question: (For my Spouse): Does the applicant (spouse) have at least functional English language ability? (NO)

My Wife doesn't have Functional English.... so I answered 'NO' and I'd like to pay the 2nd installment. But I didn't find anywhere in the application to give consent that to pay the 2nd installment. When I need to give this consent? OR I need to pay with this initial installment.


Thanks in advance for your suggestion!

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