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  1. mahfuzul80

    Visa Application taken over by CO

    I think it shouldn't be a problem. As long as your received invitation, there shouldn't be any ceiling issue. I think it already took a good time processing the things. Wishing you best of luck for your positive outcome!
  2. mahfuzul80

    2nd VAC Paid.....Should I notify CO?

    Dear All, Today I have been contacted by CO with 2nd VAC payment instruction and I already paid accordingly. Should I notify the CO over email with payment confirmation? Please suggest!
  3. mahfuzul80

    Mistake on EOI

    Do you mean SkilleSelect EOI? Can't you edit it?
  4. mahfuzul80

    Information required regarding 190 for NSW

    you have to choose steam 2 during your EOI submission to NSW.
  5. mahfuzul80

    Information required regarding 190 for NSW

    See the link here - http://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/skilled-nominated-migration-190/are-you-eligible May be your occupation fall under Stream 2 highly ranked CSOL candidate!
  6. mahfuzul80

    Information required regarding 190 for NSW

    If all documents seems OK to NSW, then little chances of rejection. Usually you should get nomination within 3-4 weeks.
  7. mahfuzul80

    Information required regarding 190 for NSW

    Best of luck for your nomination.
  8. Dear Mates, I have found a small typo in international travel dates in Form 80 submitted with my visa application. Today, CO contacted me. Should I request CO to update the typo? or Should I upload updated Form 80? Please suggest!
  9. Dear Mates, CO contacted me and request for From 1221 along with following requested details. Please suggest regarding my red marked query. Additional personal particulars Please complete Form 1221 Additional personal particulars information. This is a supplementary form required to support your visa application. Please make sure that you provide the following information in full: ● travel details - please list all international travel (Form 1221 doesn't have any travel details section. Where should I mention all travel details. Although I mention travel details in Form 80) ● employment - please give details of all employment since leaving high school ● education and trade - please give details of qualifications you have obtained, workshops, conferences or seminars you have attended, research papers you have published and your thesis (if undertaken). (I attended several in-house training provided by the Employer. The training has certificate but no credentials. Should I mention those training as well?) Please be sure there are no unexplained gaps in time - if you were unemployed or studying please list from when to when and how you were financially supported during these periods. Please provide a full Curriculum Vitae / Resume: (I provided my Resume at the time of visa but I believe the following information fully provided. So I believe I need to provide 2nd version of my Resume as suggested below.) ● for employment - please provide date commenced, date completed, occupation, name of employer and nature of business for each period of employment ● for study - please provide date commenced, date completed, full course name and full course provider details for each period of study. Thanks in advance!
  10. mahfuzul80

    January 2016 - 189 visa applicants

    Congratz! Please pray for us as well.
  11. mahfuzul80

    January 2016 - 189 visa applicants

    I think you should wait for CO to ask for Form 80. Not all CO asked Form 80, I learnt!
  12. mahfuzul80

    Form 80 - CO asked for Spouse as well?

    Your current and previous passport may help in this regard. For my case, I traveled a lot for last couple of years for my official trip. However, I try to find out entry and exit date at the port and list all travel and declared accordingly. I think it's important to mention your all travels. If not the visa officer eventually see your passport. And if they found that you didn't declare your travel then it might be problem.
  13. mahfuzul80

    Visa Application taken over by CO

    i believe 1221 is a shorter version and of Form 80. However I have submitted Form 80 for my spouse today. Let's see what if CO asked for 1221 for me. Documentwise I am fine I believe. I did my PCC in January and medical already uploaded. Now just waiting for CO assigned. How many days it will take to assign CO usually? Please pray for us as well so that we could secure visa as well. I have been waiting for almost 2 years. Best set of luck for you as well.
  14. mahfuzul80

    Form 80 - CO asked for Spouse as well?

    Thanks KnK. Well, then I believe I need not to submit Form 1221 for myself. right?
  15. Dear Friends, I submitted my Form 80 in advance with my application. Should I submit Form 80 for my spouse as well. Should I need to submit Form 1221 for myself as well? Please suggest!