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My dad has asked me to post this, we have all just moved to Australia and he is worried about losing his UK pension that he has contributed for over 20 years. He knows you can not transfer state pensions but private pensions you can transfer. His friend told him about transferring it into a QROPS as HMRC have shut down nearly all the schemes going into Australia. Someone at his work used a company called the deVere Group who apparently specialise in this kinda of thing, they transferred it internationally and get a number of benefits that previously werent available to them. Has anyone heard of this company or can they suggest any useful information that would point him in the right directions. Its all well hearing stories from other people but when it comes to your own pension he is a bit more reserved.





ADMIN NOTE: This member works for the Devere Group :rolleyes: When a company surreptitiously posts like this, attempting to deceive the members, it's hardly a glowing reccomendation for the company.







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